Saturday, January 26, 2013


Good Morning America: 

I was completely offended when I was asked to sign Oppose Legislature Draft Resolution 0108 2013"We the undersigned oppose Ulster County Legislature Draft Resolution #0108 of 2013". 

My position on this issue is extremely near and dear to my heart and upon receiving this request, I was offended and totally disagreed with the request. I was then told, "That I can not support the second amendment and we must stand tall for all of our military, vets, and those who lost their life for these freedoms". 

Ladies and Gentlemen I will not become involved with political meandering. I totally respect our County Executive, Michael Hein, and our Legislature, and quite frankly this is why we have a Chairman of the Legislature (Ms. Terry Bernardo) who should be working in the best interest for "We the People". I do not personally have all of the recommendations or solutions but  I am well aware of the fact that change is imminent as it relates to laws that protect the innocent and vulnerable and I am here as a life time Community Activist to create that positive journey together. Please read the Legislature Draft Resolution below and you be the judge. I would be interested in your thoughts and recommendations. 

Draft Resolution No. 0108      January 22, 2013
Requesting The United States Congress Implement Federal Laws
That Will Protect The Health, Safety and Welfare Of The Public
From Death And Injury, Due To The Intentional Or Unintentional
Misuse Of Firearms 
Referred to:  The Law Enforcement and Public Safety Committee (Chairman Richard
Parete and Legislators Belfiglio, Ronk, Briggs and Maio)
Legislators Donald J. Gregorius and David B. Donaldson offer the following:
WHEREAS, the Second Amendment of the United States  Constitution
preserves “the right of the people to keep and bear arms”; and
WHEREAS, the United States Supreme Court has held that there are certain
restrictions and limitations to the Second Amendment; and
WHEREAS, there are laws in individual States and other municipalities that
require procedures such as mandatory background checks, waiting periods and
permitting, that can be effective in deterring the  ability of persons to illegally
purchase firearms, and
WHEREAS, a primary responsibility of Government is to protect the Health,
Safety, and Welfare of the Public and there have been numerous shootings in
colleges, grade schools, shopping malls and other public places; and
WHEREAS, fire fighters, police officers, teachers, students, school personnel,
political officials, postal workers and other public and private persons have been
targeted and murdered by people that are felons, mentally deficient, of ill will, and/or 
are prohibited from owning firearms; and
WHEREAS, firearms commonly known as assault rifles, and other firearms
with large capacity ammunition clips, have been used in incidents resulting in mass
casualties, and each day that passes risks the safety of the public; and
WHEREAS, It is in the public interest to enact laws that are consistent to
avoid loopholes where background checks, waiting periods, and types of firearms can
be purchased in one state through private sales, gun shows, and gun dealers, then
easily transported to another state with more stringent laws and it is virtually
impossible for individual states to control the importing of firearms; now, therefore,
be it - Page 2 -
Draft Resolution No. 0108      January 22, 2013
Requesting The United States Congress Implement Federal Laws
That Will Protect The Health, Safety and Welfare Of The Public
From Death And Injury, Due To The Intentional Or Unintentional
Misuse Of Firearms 
RESOLVED, the Ulster County Legislature requests the President of the
United States and the Congress of the United States establish and implement federal
laws that will protect the safety of the public from the tragic consequences of
intentional and unintentional misuse of firearms; and, be it further 
RESOLVED, that copies of this resolution will be forwarded to the President
of the United States, Barack Obama, United States Senators Charles Schumer and
Kirsten Gillibrand, and Congressman Chris Gibson, 
and moves its adoption.
 AYES:      NOES: 
Passed Committee: Law Enforcement and Public Safety on  _________________.

Friday, November 9, 2012

"Mission Impossible"

November 8, 2012
From: Jean Jacobs
Location: City Hall
Re: City of Kingston 2013 Public Budget Hearing 

Good Evening Honorable President James Noble
Members of the Common Council and the General public in attendance this evening:

Professionally and publicly I have managed and worked with million dollar budgets throughout my professional career. Therefore, I felt compelled to speak this evening regarding the City of Kingston Proposed 2013 budget 36.8 million down from the 2012 budget 36.9 million and voice my concerns and compliments. The budget tax levy amount to be generated by property taxes is unchanged from 2012 at about 15 million. Therefore why has the tax levy increased by approximately 3 percent?

The tax rates are proposed to rise to compensate for the total value of properties falling approximately 48 million a city wide decline in lower assessment rolls is the result of city wide decline in property value. This should be a major concern to the Common Council in recognizing how Kingston must begin to grow the tax base and begin to increase the values of homeowner’s properties. Municipal governmental officials should be most concerned with the following trend.

n      48 million Decrease in homeowners assessment property values which is an estimate of 3%.
n      48% Increase from last year in the Safety Net Welfare Projection 2013: $1,753.841 up considerably from last year $1,189.08. This increase is passed on to the taxpayer. Previously 2012-75 per cents per 1,000. 2013 increase to 1.15 per 1,000.
n      What does this tell you?
n      2% State tax cap
n      Limited fund balance at the beginning of the budget process
n      Mandatory Unfunded Mandates
n      6.3 % increase in pension costs
n      8.3 % in health care costs
n      No layoffs in staff
n      No employee raises
n      Contracts are still to be determined for city employees

How do you govern and financially manage with many of the roadblocks I have outlined in my discussion this evening. Quite frankly a little magic and leadership with an emphasis on protecting and recognizing the taxpayer is paramount. Therefore I look to the municipal leaders in my community in each Ward to recognize the importance of fiscal management by working together with our Mayor in a collaborative effort to increase the tax base and reduce costs to the taxpayers.

“My shout out to my community and taxpayers” Please I urge you to become more involved in your tax dollars and have a voice in the process. I attended the Mayors Press Release outlining the Budget for 2013 and I would have hoped more Citizens and Alderman would have attended.  

Hopefully prosperity is at our doorstop and the future of Kingston will continue to prosper and grow.

Thursday, December 8, 2011



My name is Jean Jacobs and I reside at 139 Wall Street Kingston NY. I am a life long resident of the City of Kingston and have been a Community Activist for over 30 years.

Good Evening Mr. President Members of the common council and community residents in attendance this evening.
36.6 million dollar budget

Our city is in a financial crisis and city government is broken. Ladies and Gentlemen this is not my opinion this is fact. If the City of Kingston continues down this path we will lose the ability to control our destiny. The City of Kingston government must learn to live within a budget. We must cut our spending and do more with less. We are going to have to shift our fiscal priorities and fundamentally restructure how city government operates. We cannot continue to spend what we don’t have.

The City of Kingston realizing the fate of our financial crisis should have created a Municipal Finance Review Panel over a year ago. Every Department should have provided a budget for their department with a 10 per cent reduction recognizing the fiscal crisis. I have said it before and continue to express the importance that the budget process is a work in progress 12 months of the year.

An immediate spending freeze should have been imposed months ago when we realized we were facing a financial crisis which required emergency action by municipal governmental officials.

There should have been an immediate review of all contracts with third party vendors with a high emphasis on considering to bring services in-house with current personnel and project a savings to offset the current budget.

A Fiscal Emergency must be a priority when sitting at the table with contract negotiations and certain sacrifices must be made to rebuild the city’s foundation. Including shared sacrifices and difficult decisions.

As a resident and taxpayer I was shocked that the Common Council Public Officials working and paid on behalf of all the public at large did not offer any budget proposal propositions to the Mayor as a result of his budget proposal.  The Mayor stated that the council usually reduced tax hikes in proposals that he has submitted in the past. What concerns me considerably, is the fact that the only proposition to the tax payer is to use a portion of the current fund balance to lower the tax burden, increase bus fares, increase parking violations and hire a part time meter maid. This is a dangerous fiscal proposition especially when the fund balance should remain there for unexpected expenditures and for bonding purposes. The term in the Kingston Times quoted Budget TAKEN AS IS proves that we have failed as fiscal managers. Now we are at the bewitching hour trying to resolve what is a year long process and making last minute recommendations that have not been discussed, or investigated to the level of acceptance required including the homestead non-homestead increase and once again the tax payer is asked to finance the shortfall. I agree this is a formula that requires further investigative reporting and decision making but not at the eleventh hour.
Ask this question: How did city officials reduce spending to offset this increased cost to the taxpayer?

Last but not least are you actually considering the financial crisis that we are experiencing and we are going to bond once again 644,000 for equipment and three police cars?  This resolution was passed the other evening 9-0.

The Reality is we are facing a national, state, county and city financial crisis. The only propositions after an entire year are raising once again revenue generating efforts on the tax payer. SHOW ME THE MONEY I am a No vote on this budget.

Jean Jacobs


Tuesday, November 29, 2011


TIS THE SEASON to reflect and rejoice with family and friends the spirit of the Holiday Season and the New Year 2012 filled with promise and hope for the future of the City of Kingston. I have been a Community Activist  for the last 35 years. Please stay tuned for updates, and issues that affect all citizens. I urge all of you to make a New Years Resolution and pledge some of your time and become involved in your community. Working Together we can all make a difference one day at a time.


Monday, November 21, 2011


I have reported that there are unauthorized posts on my
BLOG. Jean C. Jacobs

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Concerns regarding BLOG Posts

There were Blog posts on Jacobs Live that I did not post. Many advertisements. Be aware of this problem. Jean Jacobs