Saturday, February 26, 2011


Why I Want to Be Your Next Mayor
By Jean C. Jacobs

“I don’t want to run on the basis that I am a woman, I want to run on the fact that I have the skills to lead Kingston forward”.
All my life experiences have prepared me to be a candidate for the next Mayor of Kingston.

My primary Mission for the City of Kingston will be first and foremost to continue to provide a safe environment for all citizens and the desire to raise our children in a city that is economically vibrant, and full of potential.

My Vision for Kingston is a beautiful, safe city that promotes a high quality of life and a sound economy through excellence in government, where businesses want to locate, where residents and families experience an affordable livable community that they are proud to be apart of.

1. Demanding excellence from myself and others
2. Public Safety: Taking an aggressive and balanced approach to reducing crime
3. Collaboration with many different partners including federal, state and local law enforcement agencies.
4. Working with State and County Officials in developing tax saving initiatives that will reduce the tax burden of property owners and business establishments
5. Creating a pro-active approach for researching additional savings for governmental health benefits by investigating competitive bids for personnel and retirees
6. Create a Master Plan for Neighborhood Improvements
7. Work to build a base for future Shared Consolidation Cost Effective Services
8. Strong fiduciary applications, budget effectiveness in reaching future goals
9. Neighborhood Empowerment, Programs to Reach our Youth
10. Aggressively engage in Economic Development
11. To respect and promote our community
12. To stress excellence, integrity, accountability and honesty
13. Address the social and economic conditions that breed criminal behavior
14. Motivating others by simply setting the example for integrity, courage,
common sense, hard work and dedication
15. Honor our past and work to shape our future
16. Welcome the involvement and commitment that produces a greater quality of life with citizens and city government working in partnership
17. Making sure city government is both frugal and innovative constantly looking for more cost-effective efficiencies to meet our citizen’s expectations
18. Elimination of wasteful spending
19. Attract new businesses and nurture existing businesses
20. Promote our city to potential investors
21. Increase in property values
22. Creating Jobs so our children can return to their Hometown to raise their families.
“Preserve our Heritage by working Together to Improve Our Community”

I am running for Mayor because I love this city and I firmly believe we can do better.
I am a life long resident and my 35 years of experience in the business community, and in local government give me the tools I will need to find creative and effective solutions too many of the problems facing our magnificent historical city. I am a proud graduate of Kingston High School all of my four children.

As a community we must decide if we are satisfied with the status quo or if we are ready to take Kingston in a new direction. It is time for a Leader that knows the challenges of making a payroll, who has experience as an administrator and finance director of a large Non-For Profit Corporation developing million dollar budgets, working with state auditors and a leader who understands the day to day operations of local government. In a time when Kingston is facing an enormous budget deficit, I will offer financial responsibility and stability by investigating additional revenue initiatives with careful attention in controlling cost and spending at the same time.

We need to rebuild trust in government with integrity and transparency, as well as place a high value on ethics. We need leadership that will foster teamwork among elected officials,
city employees and all citizens. I will work with the police department to increase police presence on our streets, and improve police response time to improve public safety. One of my future goals is to expand the police department. I will also improve city service, making them innovative, cost effective, without burdening the taxpayers.

While raising my four children, Robin, Daniel, Jared and Jessica I balanced a full time career and devoted over 35 years of my time to Community Service: Numerous Community Boards Include:
Superintendent’s School to Work Program, KCSD School Board, KCSD Board President, Project Save Legislation Safety Committee Representative, Kingston Library Board, Girl Scouts of America Board, Girl Scout and Brownie Leader 15 years, PTA President for over 20 years, Booster Club Band President, Building Leadership Facilitator, Middle School Parent Life Time Achievement Award, Student Council Plaque Honored in my name JWB Middle School, District Wide Parent Council Representative, District Leadership Team Representative, KHS, Middle States Committee Representative, Coordinator, KHS Renaissance Program, President, Kingston Taxpayers Alliance, President, Join Your Neighbors Coalition, President, “The Team That Cares” President, President, Friends of Public Access, Alderman Candidate Ward 5 2005-2007, Chairman, City of Kingston Republican Committee, Coordinator and member of Guardian Angels Chapter, City of Kingston, Local TV Media Specialist Host Local TV show 5 years: “Jacobs Live People for People”. “Chairman”appointed by Mayor Sottile, of the City Advisory Task Force for Cat Legislation, Healthy Women Committee Member, working with Public Health Director Dr. LaMar Hasbrouck, in Making Ulster County the Healthiest County in N.Y.S.

FAMILY VALUES: I live by strong morals taught to me by my parents; work hard, take responsibility for your actions, and always treat others with respect despite your differences. I am an extremely successful parent. Every one of my children have graduated college and have successful leadership positions in our society today which includes: a Neo-Natal Nurse Specialist, Elementary School Teacher, Research Analyst, and Chief of Personal Presidential Security on Air Force One. I attribute their success to my leadership and parenting skills over the last 40 years and more importantly I never lost site of my life long commitment to my community. I have been an Administrator in the Medical Health Care Industry for over 35 years while raising a family and serving my community.

In closing we must trust the "POWER OF THE PEOPLE and recognize the importance of democracy as our constitution states”

Thursday, February 24, 2011




I had the opportunity to attend the Kingston City School District Press Conference last evening at the Cioni Building on Crown Street. My attendance supported the educational system, the students, the educators, and the taxpayers. I felt compelled to speak on behalf of education and my role as a parent having partnered with the Kingston City School District for over 35 years of my life, in many different capacities.
During this time as a LEADER, I took great pride in my accomplishments working in the best interest of the Kingston City School District and the Community at Large.
I will keep you informed and updated in the weeks ahead. I seriously urge the general public to consider running for the Kingston City School District Board of Education this year. There will be 4 Board of Education Seats up for election. This will allow you the opportunity to have a voice and become involved in your community and the education of our students.


Monday, February 21, 2011

NYS Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli, Press Conference City Hall 2/15/2011

I had the opportunity to attend an take pictures at the Press Conference. Many distinguished city and county officials were is the audience, and many questions were heard from the floor by the public.

"Mayoral Candidate Jean Jacobs Reporting"

Ladies and Gentlemen I was honored and compelled to attend the Press Conference on Tuesday February 15, 2011 at City Hall. I had the privilege to speak with many of the State Representatives and personally spoke with New York State Comptroller, Thomas P. DiNapoli regarding the present situation. When Comptroller DiNapoli opened up questions and answers from the public, I stood up and spoke on behalf of the taxpayers.
During my Professional Career as a Finance Director for many years, I have had the opportunity to work with many distinguished Auditing Firms throughout New York State. I have also worked directly with the New York State Division of Finance on many pilot projects for many years. One constant critical component was creating the position of governance and institutional management on a daily basis and protecting the budget process with proper checks and balances in place, for the very purpose of audit and control.
I urge each and every one of you to hold the public officials accountable who manage and govern your money each and every day. Demand that that they implement audit and control requirements that protect the tax payers and their money.
"Stand Up and Make A Difference"
Respectfully Submitted,
Jean Jacobs
GOP Candidate for Mayor
City of Kingston

Friday, February 4, 2011

Political Leadership A Shared Responsibility

Honorable Mayor James Sottile and Jean Jacobs former Chairman City of Kingston Republican Party on February 3, 2011 at the State of the City address.


I had the privilege last evening to attend our Mayors 2011 State of The City Address. A very powerful lesson I achieved last evening in listening to our Mayor, was the fact that, "We will move forward together or not at all for the challenges we face are bigger than party, and bigger than politics".
“As I enter my last term of office I am reminded daily that Kingston is a special place,” Sottile said. . . “It is my dream that Kingston will carry on with hope and courage focusing on a bright future that lies ahead. “
This is the "Vision" everyone should embrace and respect the fact that our city deserves Leaders who have a "VISION FOR THE FUTURE" by restoring a sense of HOPE and PRIDE to the people, which is paramount at this time.
I personally thank Mayor James Sottile, Mayor of the City of Kingston, for his last nine years of service and I wish him continued success in all of his future endeavors.
Jean C. Jacobs
Former, Republican City Chairman
City of Kingston