Friday, July 15, 2011

Jean Jacobs, Mayoral Safety Plan Proposal


As Mayor in the City of Kingston, one of my first priorities would be to establish and create a Local Guardian Angels Chapter for our youth, adults, and seniors. I have worked as a Community Activist with the Guardian Angels since 2006 and hosted my personal TV Show "Jacobs Live People for People" promoting the Guardian Angels and their MISSION for many years. I was trained in their workshops to become a Guardian Angel, resulting in a graduation of more than 10 citizens in 2006 at City Hall. Curtis Lewia was the master of ceremonies and this was the beginning of a partnership that would improve the Public Safety for everyone in the City of Kingston. Let us fast forward to 2011 and ask yourself this question? Why have we waited 5 years to only recognize that the series of crimes, fatal shootings has continued to grow and FEAR remains a constant factor in the lives of many Kingston residents. Can we afford to resist the presence of a Guardian Angel Chapter in the City of Kingston?

In two weeks I will be meeting with the Curtis Lewia, Founder and CEO of the Guardian Angels and his TEAM to discuss serious Public Safety issues facing society today. I support Shayne Gallo for raising the awareness and the importance in creating a CITY SUMMIT  to curb youth crime and my opponent Mr. Richard Cahill and his plan to address GANGS, but we can do more.

Please Please we have so many wonderful agendas but the fact remains are they effective and efficient while crime continues to grow and citizens are in danger?  Mr. Hayes Clements proposal today in the local Freeman Article " Neighborhood Engagement Team". Is the creation of yet another TEAM going to solve the existing problem with a limited police force? There is never going to be a safe and a thriving Kingston without a SAFE CITY. I patrolled the MIDTOWN streets with the Guardian Angels many times and I can tell you their presence made a positive statement when talking with the youths at the Kingston Area Library on our patrol.

My plan in working with the Local Kingston Guardian Angels Chapter will be to focus on building relationships and to create positive role models for today's youth and work toward promoting community safety and betterment for the good of society overall.  The philosophy of the Guardian Angels is to empower individuals through service to others. An empowered society is built through empowering individuals one at a time. The Guardian Angels train people to take constructive and cooperative action to solve individual and social problems. They provide people with tools, support, and opportunities to face their unique challenges and fulfill their unique interests and goals.

The Guardian Angels have a program Youth Guardian Angels for Teens 12-16 years of age provides an Alternative to Gangs and Drugs through a supportive club environment dedicated to community service and personal responsibility. Within the school system teens are recommended by teachers and principals.
The program focuses on those who need to improve attendance or behavior, or who face other adjustment challenges. It also provides structured recreational activities that combine fun with education and the challenges of group dynamics. Many participants have successfully turned away from the lure of drugs and gang life to become role models for their peers and local community.

Ladies and Gentlemen we need this program in Kingston, New York. In  February 2010 until May 2010 I spent my Friday evenings volunteering my time at the Everett Hodge Center in the "Food For Thought Program". I worked with area business professionals in donating all of the food for the program and my TEAM picked up the food, delivered the food and we served the food to the youths. I became most empowered by many of the youths and their willingness to belong. I contacted the Guardian Angels and they came to the the Everett Hodge Center and spoke to the youths about the Guardian Angel Youth program. The youth during the presentation was extremely inspired and empowered by their presence and the Guardian Angel Youth Program.

Quoted in the Kingston Daily Freeman today" The answer to the current CRISIS we have to deploy more manpower, more visibility, in Midtown and other hot spots". I will LEAD the Creation of  a Local Chapter of Guardian Angels in the City of Kingston and together we can all make a difference for the betterment of our community.

Jean C. Jacobs
Mayoral Candidate
Former and Present Guardian Angel

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