Friday, July 29, 2011

Mayoral Candidate Jean Jacobs, Code Enforcement Plan

To facilitate Neighborhood Stabilization
Foster Clean and Safe rental properties without diminishing the affordability or availability
Enhance partnerships and communication with property owners and tenants
Enhance Multi Tenant Registration Application Updates

I would take a different approach than my opponent Ms. Turco-Levin to Code Enforcement in the City of Kingston. Ms. Turco Levin has served as a govermental official for close to two years and had every opportunity to offer a plan for Code Enforcement in the City of Kingston. I would LEAD with a agressive positive approach when partnering with the owner or operator of a multi tenant properties. The City of Kingston currently lacks manpower to accomplish many of the day to day operations regarding Standards of Compliance in Code Enforcement. If elected Mayor in the City of Kingston, I would aggressively address the issue from an educational and informative approach with guidelines and consequences. I would never use the term "Deadbeat" Landlords". You are beginning the process on a negative platform for improvement. I would create a Multi Tenant Inspection Program Brochure defining the role and responsibility of the owner or operator of the multi tenant property and I would organize and facilitate annually a mandatory meeting with the landlords. The audience would consist of the following in attendance, City Manager, Property Managers, Landlords, Police Department, Fire Department, City Attorney and the Water Department. I am a Leader that demands accountability and currently the Block By Block has been affective and efficient but there is a FLIP side we are missing.

I am a fiscal financial management professional and if elected Mayor it is my job to present recommendations and solutions of how we can be more cost effective and at the same time hold property managers and landlords accountable while preserving the quality of life for each and every citizen. We can create our individual report card for Code Enforcement for Landlords, Property Owners and Property Managers. We must be creative with high depth ingenuity due to the lack of financial resources and manpower. Currently we are going Block by Block and I firmly believe in holding them accountable and recommend through my PLAN they (landlords, property owners) come to us the City Officials. When you create mandatory parameters they will soon begin to realize their are guidelines to follow without exception. I commend our current Mayor for his efforts and the Police Department and Fire Department and I would work together with all City Officials in creating a plan that will benefit the citizens, the landlords, and more importantly the tenants at a price we can afford.

Jean C. Jacobs
GOP Candidate for Mayor
City of Kingston

Monday, July 25, 2011

Mayoral Candidate Jean Jacobs, Business Plan


As Mayor in the City Of Kingston, if elected, I offer the following proposal which will consist of changing the "way we do business". My first order of business will be to change the current form of city government by analyzing the Organizational Chart and the current table of Organization and hire a City Business Manager. WHY: We need a Business Leader to manage and lead people at the same time. I have worked in Corporate America for over 30 years and I have conducted hundreds of interviews and hired many people with the credentials to accomplish the job. You must be extremely ethical and extremely transparent. You need a combination of expertise that includes professional management abilities, business expertise, financial proficiency, people skills, expert training and practical experience to head one of the largest business operations “The City of Kingston”.

The City Manager Job Description:
The candidate would have a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration or Business Management with an expertise in fiscal responsibility, human resources and long range planning and would run the day-to-day operations of the City of Kingston. We need someone that judges more on performance than personality and “will be demanding a new way we do business.” His/Her role would be to execute and implement policies of the mayor and council and above all have the ability to manage people.

I recently read on a local Blog,”What plans have candidates offered for the position of Mayor in the City of Kingston”. I offer my years in the administrative and business field and I realize that CHANGE is imminent if we are going to save our fine city. Financially we are on a serious roller-coaster with little or no hope in site. How can the City of Kingston governmental officials even possibly admit that a Comprehensive Master Plan has never been completed since 1963? I hold all LEADERS in office accountable for this oversight and lack of recognizing the importance of this valuable tool to lead Kingston forward.

I urge all of you to step back for one minute and listen to the crisis our nation faces financially with a national debt that is soaring out of control and an economy that is failing daily. How many prominent corporations have failed and out of business due to the economic strife and above all lack of leadership at the top of the Organizational Table of Organization? These are most critical questions for the citizens of Kingston to ask before they go the Primary Polls on September 13, 2011. We need a Business Leader and a Mayor that has the experience in the Corporate Business World.

Respectfully submitted:
Jean Jacobs
GOP Candidate for Mayor
City of Kingston

Meeting with Curtis Sliwa, Guardian Angels Founder and Jean Jacobs



Curtis Sliwa, Founder and CEO 

"Curtis Sliwa has stepped into the national spotlight, catching the attention of parents, the media, and the Federal Government ".

I had the privilege once again to meet with Curtis Sliwa in Poughkeepsie on Saturday July 23, 2011.  We sat down to discuss many of the safety issues facing our fine city and across our nation. I worked with Curtis Sliwa in 2006 when the Guardian Angels Chapter was formed in Kingston, NY. It is the willingness to make a difference and the dedicated leadership to community service and personal responsibility to recognize the importance of working together by providing alternatives to violence, destructive behavior, bullying, gangs, and drugs.

As Mayor of the City of Kingston, I will welcome Mr. Curtis Sliwa and his team of Guardian Angels to
Champion our fine city with their presence and to work with our local law enforcement officials
and the Ulster County Sheriff's Department so together we can create a unique partnership that will benefit our youth and all citizens.

For over 30 Years The Guardian Angels has played a significant role in making cities all over the world safer places to live and raise our children.

Jean C. Jacobs

Saturday, July 23, 2011



I am a GOP Mayoral Candidate and willing to listen to the Safe Harbor Affordable Housing Proposal. I sent an e-mail to the Daily Freeman and I also spoke with Mr. Kirby regarding this. During my professional career I have worked in Corporate America for over 35 years and I have hosted and listened to more business plans than many of you would in a lifetime. The outcome may surprise you. Currently the City of Kingston is in a financial crisis, poverty has taken over, and quality of life is declining daily due to the level of fear in our community. Who allowed this to happen? Ask yourself this question?

Let the record show that I am willing to listen to the presentation and I will then make an informed decision based on the facts in the best interest of my community. A LEADER LISTENS.

Jean C. Jacobs
GOP Candidate for Mayor
City of Kingston

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


My stand as a Mayoral candidate focuses on the NEED and not the OPPOSITION regarding Kings Inn. I don't like the word oppose I rather work in the best interest of the Community and realize the importance of improving the Broadway Corridor together. There is a considerable amount of emphasis on Broadway and Midtown. As a candidate for Mayor in the City of Kingston my Vision and Platform is unique. I look at the City as a whole and for the betterment of the entire city and all of the residents. I don't see this as the easy way out by considering housing in the Kings Inn Location. There was housing condos refurbished on the Corner of Clinton and Franklin:  Have they been purchased and occupied? These are the questions we should be asking as candidates for Mayor. Remember all of this consists of taxpayer dollars.

I realize that we are living in a poverty city and people can no longer afford their homes, taxes or utilities. We are forcing the housing issue to be a focus because people would be on the streets homeless. The average salary is between 28,000 and 32,000. Our taxes are almost 75% higher than any other State in the nation. Ask yourself this question? How many residents currently live in Kingston? How many lived in Kingston 10 years ago. The figures will astound you. When I served on the school board there were over 12,000 students and now there are about 7,000 or less? These are important facts that go into decisions that affect the future of our city. Also 50% or more of the children in the Kingston City School District were on free and reduced lunch when I served on the school board. Look at the NEED and then realize that we must focus on the entire City. Many families in uptown and downtown have felt the crunch of the economy and many have lost their substantial paying jobs. This is a reality.

Several years ago the issue on the table was the possibility of a condo high rise complex in up-town Kingston. Why the opposition? What do we have today? We have a run down parking lot costing the taxpayers money each and every day. What could have been is the question?? We must stop singling out Uptown, Midtown and Downtown and focus on the City as a whole. Ask yourself this question: The Kirkland Hotel and the millions to refurbish this fine historical building. Tell me are we generating revenue today to offset the cost of the project? Who is picking up the Shortfall. The Taxpayer

Lets play a game: I don't want the high rise condo complex that just might have increased the tax base, offered jobs and boosted the economy in the entire City of Kingston. Now we are discussing the possibility of low income housing in Midtown because people do not have the income to sustain a higher standard of living. My heart goes out to this population of people and our nation on a daily basis but is this the answer to an already declining area of Kingston faced with violence, poverty, absentee landlords and the homeless? We are losing the Middle Class families. In the future the Middle Class population will be extinct and everyone will need affordable housing. Many of the families that may need low income affordable housing may have been the Blue Collar Worker trying to provide for his/her family and he/she have been faced with the economic job loss and can no longer afford his/her lifestyle, their home, their car, or even food on their table.This population of people is increasing as I write this comment.

Jean Jacobs
GOP Candidate for Mayor
City of Kingston

Friday, July 15, 2011

Jean Jacobs, Youth Guardian Angels presenting at the Everett Hodge Center


Jean Jacobs, Mayoral Safety Plan Proposal


As Mayor in the City of Kingston, one of my first priorities would be to establish and create a Local Guardian Angels Chapter for our youth, adults, and seniors. I have worked as a Community Activist with the Guardian Angels since 2006 and hosted my personal TV Show "Jacobs Live People for People" promoting the Guardian Angels and their MISSION for many years. I was trained in their workshops to become a Guardian Angel, resulting in a graduation of more than 10 citizens in 2006 at City Hall. Curtis Lewia was the master of ceremonies and this was the beginning of a partnership that would improve the Public Safety for everyone in the City of Kingston. Let us fast forward to 2011 and ask yourself this question? Why have we waited 5 years to only recognize that the series of crimes, fatal shootings has continued to grow and FEAR remains a constant factor in the lives of many Kingston residents. Can we afford to resist the presence of a Guardian Angel Chapter in the City of Kingston?

In two weeks I will be meeting with the Curtis Lewia, Founder and CEO of the Guardian Angels and his TEAM to discuss serious Public Safety issues facing society today. I support Shayne Gallo for raising the awareness and the importance in creating a CITY SUMMIT  to curb youth crime and my opponent Mr. Richard Cahill and his plan to address GANGS, but we can do more.

Please Please we have so many wonderful agendas but the fact remains are they effective and efficient while crime continues to grow and citizens are in danger?  Mr. Hayes Clements proposal today in the local Freeman Article " Neighborhood Engagement Team". Is the creation of yet another TEAM going to solve the existing problem with a limited police force? There is never going to be a safe and a thriving Kingston without a SAFE CITY. I patrolled the MIDTOWN streets with the Guardian Angels many times and I can tell you their presence made a positive statement when talking with the youths at the Kingston Area Library on our patrol.

My plan in working with the Local Kingston Guardian Angels Chapter will be to focus on building relationships and to create positive role models for today's youth and work toward promoting community safety and betterment for the good of society overall.  The philosophy of the Guardian Angels is to empower individuals through service to others. An empowered society is built through empowering individuals one at a time. The Guardian Angels train people to take constructive and cooperative action to solve individual and social problems. They provide people with tools, support, and opportunities to face their unique challenges and fulfill their unique interests and goals.

The Guardian Angels have a program Youth Guardian Angels for Teens 12-16 years of age provides an Alternative to Gangs and Drugs through a supportive club environment dedicated to community service and personal responsibility. Within the school system teens are recommended by teachers and principals.
The program focuses on those who need to improve attendance or behavior, or who face other adjustment challenges. It also provides structured recreational activities that combine fun with education and the challenges of group dynamics. Many participants have successfully turned away from the lure of drugs and gang life to become role models for their peers and local community.

Ladies and Gentlemen we need this program in Kingston, New York. In  February 2010 until May 2010 I spent my Friday evenings volunteering my time at the Everett Hodge Center in the "Food For Thought Program". I worked with area business professionals in donating all of the food for the program and my TEAM picked up the food, delivered the food and we served the food to the youths. I became most empowered by many of the youths and their willingness to belong. I contacted the Guardian Angels and they came to the the Everett Hodge Center and spoke to the youths about the Guardian Angel Youth program. The youth during the presentation was extremely inspired and empowered by their presence and the Guardian Angel Youth Program.

Quoted in the Kingston Daily Freeman today" The answer to the current CRISIS we have to deploy more manpower, more visibility, in Midtown and other hot spots". I will LEAD the Creation of  a Local Chapter of Guardian Angels in the City of Kingston and together we can all make a difference for the betterment of our community.

Jean C. Jacobs
Mayoral Candidate
Former and Present Guardian Angel

Monday, July 4, 2011

Jean Jacobs Mayoral Candidate Safety First




I am absolutely astonished regarding "City Summit Aims to Curb Youth Crime", article in the Kingston Daily Freeman on June 13, 2011. I would like to remind everyone that I attended the Safety Summit presented by city governmental officials on March 25, 2010 in the wake of the loss of a community youth in Mid Town and an attack on a local woman in up town Kingston. I urge the Common Council and the Mayor of the City of Kingston that Safety is a priority and the citizens rely on governmental officials to insure SAFETY FIRST. Mr. Hayes Clement states in the article", He has  broached some of the issues that Mayoral Candidate Gallo has brought up". When???? I totally disagree because this was a serious issue that involved the entire community and the youth a year ago. Our elected Govermental Officials  had the opportunity at this time to create a TASK FORCE ACTION PLAN FOR THE FUTURE after the SAFETY SUMMIT was hosted at City Hall on  March 25, 2010.

As a GOP candidate for Mayor show me the progress we have made as it relates to CRIME IN CITY NEIGHBORHOODS? Kingston Daily Freeman quoted in the July 13, 2011 edition " We are living in a constant state of fear and high alert trying to keep our children and property safe." I agree with Mayoral Candidate Shayne Gallo," A task Force would address public safety issues comprised of local agencies", exactly what I addressed in my speech a YEAR AGO. READ MY SPEECH BELOW. I attended the summit prepared to speak but the public did not have the opportunity to speak, which was concerning to me. The forum consisted of many community leaders, clergy and law enforcement officials speaking on SAFETY. I worked for years in the Kingston City School District creating and implementing the Comprehensive School Safety Plans as a result of the Project Save Legislation implemented by Governor George Pataki and his Task Force, lead by Lieutenant Governor, Mary Donahue, which became New York State Law in July 2001 for all schools.
March 25th, 2010
From: Jean C. Jacobs

Good Evening: Mr. President, Community Leaders, Members of the Common Council and Community members in attendance this evening: I stand here before you this evening first and foremost to thank Alderman Thomas Hoffay for creating this public safety forum so we as a community can better identify the safety concerns and arrive at solutions together. As a life long resident born and raised here and my children I take great pride in my public servant participation and speaking before you this evening:

My Theme
“Collaboration is Key”

Tonight we are here to gain the views and potential solutions and to strengthen relationships to ensure a productive approach to Safety in our Community.This evening will provide an opportunity to develop and share understanding of the issues surrounding City safety with a clear exchange of views in providing an Action Plan for the future.

Some considerations include the fact that the cycle of violence affects us all and that cycle is one that needs to be confronted with change and positivity. We must seek to provide every individual the optimal experience free from violence inflicted upon them. I am stressing the need for law enforcement officials, city officials, community groups and organizations, school officials and parents to work and partner with children and youth in our community to exchange ideas and how to best prevent violence, and improve safety within our community. By sharing this information here this evening we can SAVE LIVES.

The time for being upset is behind us and its best to go forward together. Community Involvement is central to the prevention, intervention and suppression programs that our city employs. Tonight is a unique opportunity for residents to think broadly about strategies for addressing some of the most serious issues that face our neighborhoods. If you want to keep your neighborhoods safe, take this advise and never ever give up. Crime will never go away completely but we can intervene, we can prevent it, and we can reduce it.

I suggest as we move forward together that in the future we break up in action groups designed to maximize partnerships to address public safety concerns.

Thank you for your time.
Jean Jacobs