Sunday, August 9, 2009


By Jean C. Jacobs August 9, 2009

Let the record show the following: When I campaigned in Ward 5. I carried two flyer's that I designed and printed at Catskill Art Supply in an Electric Pink, which read as follows:
Flyer for Legislator:

I have been a volunteer for over 35 years serving the people of Ulster County and the City of Kingston. ”Together We Can Make a Difference"

Flyer for Alderman Primary:
SEPTEMBER 15, 2009
Everyone can make a difference when they exercise their right to vote for the Candidate that will make a difference in Ward 5. I ask for your support and VOTE for me as your Republican Alderman Candidate in the City of Kingston Republican Primary, on Tuesday September 15, 2009.
”Together we can Make a Difference”

FACT: Let me assure the public there was never fraud or deception in my campaign speech with the residents in Ward 5. They can support my statement when I visited their homes. I have never been or will be ashamed to serve my people. I will give you the list of the names and you can ask them directly, if there was ever a time that I deceived or mislead them.

FACT: On July 16, at 2:17 PM: Jean Jacobs turned into the Ulster County Board Of Elections the necessary amount of petition signatures required to run in the Republican Primary for Alderman in Ward 5 on Tuesday, September 15, 2009.

FACT: On July 16, 2009 at 2:17 PM: Jean Jacobs turned in only 8 signatures to run for Legislature in District 12, County of Ulster. Additional signatures carried by 3 committeemen out of 16 eligible to carry were a total of 12 signatures which was a grand total of 20. A total of 49 signatures were required to be a candidate for District 12 Legislator. Therefore from the very beginning the amount of signatures collected for Legislator District 12 for Jean Jacobs was not sufficient to run for office.

FACT: July 17, 2009 Jean Jacobs received a Memo from Thomas Turco, Commissioner and Ms. Kathy Mihm, stating that Pursuant to the provisions of the Section 6-144 of the New York State Education Law that through a petition filed in this office, that Jean Jacobs was nominated as a candidate for public office by the Republican Party, to be voted for at the Primary Election to be held on September 15, 2009. My acceptance was filed by the Board of Elections for this position. I never received an acceptance for County Legislator District 12

FACT: June 20, 2009 at 5:40 PM: I requested a statement while at the Board of Elections office as it relates to running for two positions: A member of the Board of Elections obtained this for me per my request. No County Legislator shall hold at any time any other elective public office.

FACT: July 20, 2009 Jean Jacobs states, “she did not hold any other elective public office position when she carried petitions for Republican Alderman Ward 5 and Republican Legislator District 12”.

FACT: July 20, 2009, SPECIFICATION OF OBJECTIONS filed by the Attorney for member of the community states the following objections: Whereas the undersigned did heretofore and on July 20, 2009 file with the Board of Elections of the County of Ulster, NY objections to the designating petition filed July 16, 2009 in the office of the Board of Elections of Ulster County, New York purporting that JEAN JACOBS , 139 Wall Street, Kingston, New York 12401 as a candidate of the Republican Party for the office of the Ulster County Legislator for District 12 to be voted on at the primary election t be held on September 15, 2009 ; NOW THEREFORE , the undersigned, pursuant to Section 6-154 of the Election Law of the State of New York and other provisions of the law applicable hereto, does hereby specify and amplify the following as grounds of their objections to said petition; to wit: (1) the petition is defective and void because it fails to comply with the provisions of Article 6 of the election law of the State of New York with respect to designating petitions in that it does not contain a sufficient number of valid signatures of voters duly registered and entitled to vote for the position of Legislator for District of the Ulster County Legislature and enrolled as members of the Republican Party. The petition contains 20 signatures of persons enrolled in the Republican Party and eligible to vote for the office of District 12 of the Ulster County Legislature. The minimum number of such enrolled voters of the Republican Party required to qualify a candidate for office is forty-nine (49). That said nomination or designation is therefore null and void.

FACT: On July 24, 2009: Mr. Richard T. Cahill Sr., a resident of Ward 5 in the City of Kingston, County of Ulster and State of New York filed objections to Jean Jacobs, petitions for Alderman in Ward 5, City of Kingston.

FACT: July 24, 2009 Jean Jacobs received another Memo from the Board of Elections from Commissioners Mr. Thomas Turco and Ms. Kathy Mihm stating that, please be advised that Specific Objections to your designating petitions have been filed with the Ulster County Board of Elections. A copy of said objections is hereby attached. A meeting of the Board of Elections will be convened on Tuesday July 28, 2009 at 10:00 AM.

FACT: On July 28, 2009: Jean Jacobs attended the Specific Objections meeting as it related to Designating petitions of Jean Jacobs for office of Alderman, Ward 5, City of Kingston. While I was in attendance at the meeting with the Commissioners and Deputy Commissioners the objection to my petitions for Ward 5 Alderman in the City of Kingston by Mr. Richard T. Cahill Sr. was unanimously denied. Therefore the petition is deemed valid.

FACT: On July 28, 2009: Jean Jacobs attended the Specific Objections meeting as it related to Designating petitions of Jean Jacobs for the office of Ulster County Legislator, District 12. A member of the community objected to the Republican Designating petition for the office of Ulster County Legislator District 12. The objection was unanimously upheld. Therefore the petition for legislator District 12 is deemed invalid.

FACT: On July 29, 2009: I received by mail a Memorandum from the Board of Elections Commissioner Thomas Turco and Commissioner Kathy Mihm stating that an appeal must be filed 3 days from this ruling that was made by the Board of Elections. The Board of Elections ruled in Jean Jacobs favor regarding Mr. Richard Cahill Sr., objection to the Republican Designating petition of Jean Jacobs for the office of Alderman, Ward 5, City of Kingston. THE OBJECTION WAS UNANIMOUSLY DENIED. Therefore the petition is deemed valid. Jean Jacobs Alderman petitions were deemed valid at this time and Jean Jacobs Legislature petitions did not have enough signatures to validate her candidacy for the position of Legislator in District 12 County of Ulster.

FACT: On July 28, 2009 while attending my monthly Republican Committee meeting I was served with papers by a Republican Committeemen while sitting at the meeting with fellow committeemen which stated as follows:. SUPREME COURT OF STATE OF NEW YORK COUNTY OF ULSTER Richard T. Cahill Sr. ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE against THOMAS TURCO AND KATHLEEN MIHM As Commissioners of the Ulster County Board and Jean Jacobs :

FACT: July 29, 2009 Order to Show Cause filed by Mr. Richard T. Cahill Sr. Declares invalid the designating petitions filed on behalf of respondent JEAN JACOBS purporting to designate her as a candidate of the Republican Party for election to the public office of Alderman for Ward 5 of the City of Kingston at a primary election to take place on September,15, 2009.
1. Mandating that respondents THOMAS TURCO AND KATHY MIHM as Commissioners of the Ulster County Board of Elections, produce upon the hearing of this Order to Show Cause the aforesaid petition purporting to designate Respondent Jean Jacobs as a candidate of the Republican Party for election to the public office of Alderman for the 5 and the aforesaid petition purporting to designate Jean Jacobs as a candidate of the Republican Party at a primary election to take place, on September 15, 2009.

FACT: August 4, 2009: Jean Jacobs appeared in Supreme Court before the Honorable Judge.

FACT: August 4, 2009: Verified Answer: presented in Supreme Court by the Ulster County Attorney representing the Board of Elections. Verified Answer as Ulster County Attorney: Section 16-102 (2) of the Election Law requires that a Supreme Court “proceeding with respect to a petition shall be instituted within fourteen days after the last day to file a petition, or within three business days after the officer or board with whom or which such petition was filed makes a determination of invalidity with respect to such petition, whichever is later….” The last day to file Designating petitions was July 16, 2009. The Ulster County Board of Elections made its determination invalidating the Designating Petition of respondent Jean Jacobs for Ulster County Legislator on July 28, 2009. Thus, the last day to institute a PROCEEDING in Supreme Court regarding that determination was July 31st, 2009. That time has passed and respondent Jean Jacobs has failed to commence any proceedings whatsoever appealing that determination.

FACT: August 4, 2009: # (8) On the Verified Answer: Prepared by Ulster County Attorney : As the foregoing shows, Respondent, Jean Jacobs, is only running for one public office, that of Alderman of the City of Kingston, Ward 5. Thus the Petition herein is moot.

FACT: August 4, 2009: On the Verified Answer Prepared by the Ulster County Attorney Respondents Mr. Thomas Turco Board of Elections Commissioner and Ms. Kathy Mihm Board of Elections Commissioner request that the Petition be dismissed.

FACT: August 6, 2009: Appeared in Supreme Court with my attorney Mr. Jonathan Sennett for a hearing trial.

FACT: August 7, 2009: Received acknowledgement from my Attorney Mr. Sennett the ruling as it related to this case at 4:45pm. I have not had the opportunity to review the ruling which is pending our review and I really can’t speak to this issue at this time.

These are the facts. I did not attack anyone in my presentation and therefore the judicial system is in control of the outcome. I respect them in their decision making. This does not mean I agree but respect is earned for the professionals defending the public.


I dedicate this BLOG comment to my Mother
Jean Emily Corcoran Wells
Once upon a time long, long ago in the City of Kingston there was an uptown girl that decided to Make A Difference in her community in 1970. She was young and naive but had a passion to serve the people and was willing to become involved and educate herself. Her parents had always inspired her when she was growing up and gave her the skills and the wisdom to succeed. Today over 39 years later she continues her Mission to serve the people. During the years that followed she married, had four wonderful and successful children Robin, Daniel, Jared and Jessica, and she devoted 30 years of her professional career as an Administrator in the Health Care Industry.
While growing up she was introduced into the world of competition, realizing you have to stand up for what you believe and be willing to sacrifice your time in order to make a difference. Early on she realized that at times she became the victim of circumstances out of her control which included personal attacks, name calling, and malicious and defamatory statements that affected her credibility and leadership. She thought long ago to the back yard sand box fights, when her Mom would say to her tell them that, "sticks and stones will hurt my bones but names will never hurt you" if you tell the truth and stand up for your beliefs.
Well she is all grown up today and in her heart she has taken the words of Wisdom from her mother and she is satisfied of her accomplishments and the friends, educators, business professionals, parents, physicians, and politicians she has had the privilege of working with along the way. This is her testimony to success the fact that you feel accomplishment when you have the ability to LEAD BY EXAMPLE.
Yes their are roadblocks and there are no promises that everything will have a happy ending. Currently she is under attack by many in the City Republican Committee for committing deception and fraud with the residents in her home town that she adores and loves so dearly and has devoted her entire life to in Making A Difference. Is this not hilarious to even think such a tale of horror. Everyday she teaches the benefits of setting a good example to the lowest level of people that take enjoyment in breaking down her self worth. Despite all of this, she rises above that level of behavior and will live happily ever after knowing in her heart she could never stoop to the level of the Rich Cahills of the world. Shame on them.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen:

I am so disturbed at what I have read tonight that I had to offer my comments to all political parties and citizens of my community. The comments posted on Mr. Richard Cahills blog is a disgrace regarding Alderman Mr. Thomas Hoffay. Mr. Hoffay I apologize to you from my heart for being put in this position of attack by someone that has never ever grown up to face the reality that this is not the way you win elections or popularity. I have found that 99.9 per cent of the politicians in this world are good people. They are dedicated, caring, honest, compassionate and want to solve problems and improve the lives of their constituents and their communities. How can Mr. Cahill consider himself a REPUBLICAN LEADER when he has the audacity to post such comments about another individual? I can assure all Republicans, Democrats, Independence, Conservative, Working Families and NOP'S that I do not and will not support personal attacks. Mr. Hoffay I look forward to working with you, so together we can continue to Preserve the Future and the Heritage of our fine city.

Jean Jacobs
Former Republican Chairman
City of Kingston