Friday, September 11, 2009

In Remembrance 9/11/2001

SEPTEMBER 11, 2001
As the day began eight years ago on 9/11/2001 I was off to run some errands for the day. While at the Post Office, I heard some screaming and yelling and was not sure what was occurring. I asked the postmaster and she said that there was an attack by an aircraft on the Twin Towers in New York City and at the Pentagon in Washington D.C. I felt my legs turn to rubber and I began to scream and cry. My son Daniel Jacobs was a Chief Master Sergeant Personal Security Officer for the Chief of the USAF and worked in the Pentagon in Washington D. C. To this day I do not know how I drove home, only to realize that for the next eight hours I did not know the fate of my son Daniel. My daughter Jessica was a student at the time at KHS and was home sick this day with a fever. When I returned home she was not aware what had happened. My son Jared Jacobs was a student at the University of Pittsburgh at the time. He was only miles away from the other airline aircraft that went down in the field near his college in Somerset.
The next eight hours of our families life was a nightmare only to be informed later that my son Daniel was alive. Daniel experienced a day in his life that will live with him forever. I was fortunate to have my son alive but to all of the families that lost loved ones I send my sincere sympathy and prayers. I watched the ceremony today and the horror that struck our Nation on September 11, 2001 will be a remembrance of the people that gave of their lives that day. They are all to be remembered as HERO'S. God Bless America


James Solomon Wells
Born 12/31/1921 Died 9/2/2009
In celebration of my fathers life I searched for a word that would best describe him as a total person when I spoke at St. Josephs Service. COMMITMENT stood out in my mind. Born to Rose Tierney Wells and James Solomon Wells on December 31st, 1921 he began the journey of his life.
As a young boy he and his eight brothers and sisters grew up on Hone Street in the City of Kingston. My father always spoke about how he loved his childhood even though they struggled during the Depression. In those days the children held jobs to help provide for their families. My father started working at the age of six years old. He cherished many memories walking up Broadway in Kingston with his father to help earn money for the family. My father was extremely committed to his church as as a young boy, and served as an alter boy seven days a week at St. Mary's. As the years passed he attended KHS and graduated as the Valedictorian of his class. During this time he met my mother Jean Emily Corcoran while working as a bingo bookie. He would tell us the story how they were meant for each other at their first glance when he saw her across the crowded room in a yellow dress at the bingo hall. He married my mother in 1944 and they were married for 51 years. My Dad was proud to be an American and was a decorated veteran of World War II. During the war our father served as a surgical technician with the U.S. Army. Our father attained the rank of sergeant, servicing in New Guinea and the Philippines, and was awarded the Asiatic Pacific Service Metal with a bronze arrowhead and the Philippines Liberation Ribbon with one bronze star. After his military service he returned home in 1946. Over the years since this time our parents had three children, Jean Carol Wells Jacobs Stephan Wells and James Solomon Jr. Our father was committed to his family values and his children. He worked for Hercules as an Administrator and Manager of the Machine Shop for 45 years retiring in 1985. The respect and admiration that he earned from his employees was exemplary of who he was. He leaves this world going to a far better place than any of us can imagine to join the love of his life Jean Emily Corcoran Wells and my brother James Solomon Wells Jr. and all his family that passed before him.
Our father left a legacy to all of us and through his life he taught us to be Committed to life, your family, your country, your work and your faith.
Our family will miss him but remembering his COMMITMENT TO LIFE will sustain us and his legacy forever.
Special Appreciation and Gratitude to the following:
Leahy Funeral Home
Ms. Jolie Dunham who drove from Maryland to sing at our fathers Mass at St. Josephs. Ms. Dunham has a gifted voice from GOD. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Mr. Leonard Walker who spoke at St. Josephs regarding his relationship with my father and the years they spent together. Leonard Walker was like a son to my father at Hercules Powder Company.To the honorable veterans who presented the ceremony of military honor at the grave site at Montropose Cemetery.
To Father Frank at St. Josephs who conducted the High Mass Church Service. To my wonderful children Robin, Jared, Jessica and my son Daniel Jacobs, Chief Master Sargent USAF (23 years) who presented my brother and myself the flag of honor at the grave site ceremony and above all to my brother Stephan Wells, Michelle his wife and their family for caring for our father during the last year of his life in Shoreham Vermont.
Last a Special Thank you to all of the area physicians that cared for my father over the last 20 years of his life. I will be eternally grateful.