Tuesday, May 24, 2011


CITY HALL 5/24/2011

Good Evening:

My name is Jean Jacobs and I am a Republican Candidate running for Mayor in the City of Kingston. I would like take this opportunity to thank the Working Families Party for hosting and facilitating the WFP Candidates Night Public Forum at City Hall this evening. I am honored to have been provided this opportunity as a candidate to share my platform which includes economic fairness, positive reform and justice for all. I am a life long resident born and raised in the City of Kingston. I have worked in Corporate America for over 35, years while raising my four children and affording them the educational opportunity they deserve

I am Living Proof of the Working American Family or should I say the American Dream. I am the daughter of a blue collar worker here in the Hudson Valley. My proud Dad brown bagged his lunch and started his day at 4:00 PM working for Hercules Powder Company for 40 years from 1945-1985. I was raised in the 50’s when my Dad went out to work and my mother was a stay at home Mom. Taking an at a glance at many All American Families today, I see two members of the household working just to keep food on the table, increasing child care costs, and the average wages far below the standard of living.

Well let us fast forward here to the twenty first century year 2011 when the national debt is at an all time high of $14.32 Trillion, total population in the United States is 311 million and the official Americans unemployed as of March 2011 is 14 million and currently at 9.4%.

New York State can no longer afford or sustain the increased cost of government. The middle class will no longer exist until we begin to create fiscal alternative programs that will incorporate a master plan for the future. At some time in life all families will face some of the following issues: Paid Sick Days, Green Jobs, Clean Elections, and Good Education for all children, Equal Rights, Good Jobs and Living Wages, Public Transportation, and Honoring our Veterans and the Military Families, Financial ruin in our economy, Health Care, and Paid Family Leave. This is a roll up your sleeves grass root effort, to create quality and equity at an affordable cost to the working class population and their families.

As an elected official I will utilize my professional business and fiscal management background and I will recognize the importance of creating a Comprehensive Business Plan for the future of our fine city. I will ensure that the City of Kingston’s expenditures do not exceed the budget. This requires a Mayor that is a fiscal LEADER and a manager who has the professional business background and who will create collaborative partnerships with the business leaders of Kingston. When elected by the people, my first order of business will be to change the current Table of Organization. I will develop and implement strategies to create jobs and sustain economic development, and above all without SAFETY FIRST you do not have a city. Quality of Life is paramount and the driving force for all growth to follow. The future of America depends on a government that will LISTEN to the people of the Working Class. They are the GLUE that holds and sustains the very people I have always represented throughout my professional and community service career.

Thank You,
Jean C. Jacobs
GOP Candidate for Mayor, City of Kingston

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Jean Jacobs Working for You the People



I am a Mayoral Candidate in the City of Kingston and I have been your advocate for the students, educators and taxpayers for over 35 years. I attended the KCSD Board of Education Candidates Night at the M. Clifford Miller Middle School on Tuesday May 10, 2011. There are 9 candidates running for 4 Board of Education seats on May 17, 2011.

The evening was filled with a variety of questions from the public which included topics such as, hiring a new Superintendent, maintenance of our school buildings, employee health benefits and the elimination of a local neighborhood school. I was most impressed with all of the candidates and their responses.

Serving on the Board of Education is truly a rewarding experience and you are held accountable by the Community at Large because they put their trust and confidence in you.There is a considerable amount of homework but the sacrifice of your time and service to your community and to education makes it all worth while.

Please take time on Tuesday May 17, 2011 from 7:00 AM-9:00 PM and VOTE: The proposed KCSD budget for 2011-2012 is: $141.017.676.

Also there are 9 Candidates running for 4 seats on the Kingston City School District Board of Education.

A Special Thank You and appreciation to the KCSD District Wide Parent Council and the League of Women Voters for organizing and facilitating the Candidates Night at the M. Clifford Miller Middle School. 

Your Community Activist,
Jean Jacobs

Thursday, May 5, 2011



I have been extremely busy as a GOP Candidate running for Mayor in the City of Kingston. On the Campaign Trail I have been attending City Committee Meetings, GOP Caucus and Common Council meetings over the last four months. At the Common Council meetings, I have been speaking on various issues including Fiscal Management and Economic Development, Public Safety, Unity in the Community, SAVE Golden Hill, and Public Access.

Community Activities Include:
I ran the 2 mile Shamrock Run with my daughter Jessica and returned to the Shamrock Parade to march with the Local Chapter of the Guardian Angels. I also attended two of the White Eagle recent dinners and the St. Patrick’s Day dinner at the First Presbyterian Church. I was honored to attend the Forsyth Park Easter Egg Hunt, hosted by the Junior League of Kingston. Despite the rain they did a superior job and the children were most fortunate to have such a fine team of volunteers just making the children's Easter an event to remember. I also attended the Spaghetti Dinner at the Meagher School on Friday April 29, 2011 and I attended the Ponckhockie Church Spaghetti Dinner on Saturday April 30, 2011. I participated in the CLEAN SWEEP on Saturday April 30, 2011. I feel the community effort once again is living proof of the PRIDE that continues to exist in our fine city.

I have also attended several of the Rallies to SAVE GOLDEN HILL, County Run and support their TEAM. I will continue to be vocal on this issue. I attended the Kids Classic on April 16, 2011 and cheered them on as I have done for the last 16 years. They are the future champions of our fine nation. One of my most recent accomplishments was running the 6.2 mile race in the Kingston Kiwanis Classic 10K on Sunday April 17, 2011. I have run this race for many many years with my family. I was most fortunate to attend the most recent luncheon for the Kiwanis Club and I am looking forward to becoming a member of such a fine organization.

When I interviewed with the Republican City Committee in December 2010, I made my pledge that evening to the Interviewing Committee, that I was going to run as a Candidate for Mayor in the City of Kingston. I am a life long resident in the City of Kingston and my credentials as a Finance Director will exemplify my experience working with budgets and auditors throughout my professional career. I have managed personnel and business operations in Corporate America for over 35 years, while raising my four children Robin, Daniel Jared and Jessica.

I strongly believe in Equal Opportunity. I was surprised to read that the Conservative Committee had hosted interviews for the GOP City of Kingston Candidates. I did not realize that this early in the campaign election season interviews were scheduled when we have not even hosted our GOP Convention. I was most concerned that I was not apart of the interview process. I am a strong Republican/Conservative and have been interviewed on many occasions by their Executive Team discussing my political platform.

On the Campaign Trail and speaking with my constituents at many of the events I have attended they are concerned regarding many serious issues facing our fine city. One most critical issue is Quality of Life and Public Safety. Without a Safe City we do not have a City. I recently spoke to this issue with Chief Keller on WGHQ regarding concerns for Public Safety. As a Mayoral Candidate my platform offers CHANGE and an Action Plan for the future to make our City a Safer place to live and raise our children.

The next phase my campaign will be attending the GOP Convention and then the candidates will begin to walk the campaign trail with their petitions. I look forward to visiting many of you at your homes and listening to your issues and what you consider the VISION for the future of Kingston should be. I will be presenting to you my platform for change as a GOP Mayoral Candidate in the City of Kingston.

Respectfully submitted,
Jean Jacobs