Thursday, June 30, 2011



I would like to remind the voting public and the local media that there are 4 GOP Candidates running for Mayor in the City of Kingston. As a candidate, I attend all of the City Of Kingston Committee meetings because the knowledge that I acquire is powerful and educates me, so I can be a well informed candidate when speaking with my constituents. I also speak publicly at the meetings on many serious issues facing the residents in the City of Kingston. Visibility and community involvement proves to your public that you are their advocate for change. I have been campaigning over the last several weeks and I can assure all of you that term limits and fireworks are not at the top of the taxpayers priorities.

Fireworks: Well Ladies and Gentlemen I did not attend the fireworks and I will explain my position on this matter: My professional background as a Finance Director proves that the City of Kingston cannot afford the event and we must learn to conserve and not live above our means. I totally respect the wonderful benefactors that provide the funding but the fact remains that the City of Kingston cannot afford the celebration at this time. THERE IS NO MONEY

The review for the charter was not brought up for a political platform it was brought up by Alderman, Jen Fuentes who disagreed with Alderman Turco Levins proposal and recommended creating a non-partisan committee for review and discussion of the City Charter as it relates to this subject. I absolutely agree with this recommendation. I was in attendance at the meeting when this was discussed.

Our fine City has not had a Comprehensive Master Plan in 48 years. This is a reality and concerns me considerably. This should have been a focus of local city government long before now. I gave an outline of this on my prior posting. The Table of Organization must be changed and the Charter requires an entire review. Has anyone been reading what the City of Newburgh is facing financially? This is crucial and Kingston is definitely heading in this direction. We are bonding for almost every project that requires a considerable amount of finances: MILLIONS

I presented months ago at the Common Council public comment  A SAFETY PLAN FOR THE FUTURE of KINGSTON. Emergency Response Teams by Ward: Without a Safe City there is NO CITY. Quality of Life is definitely a major concern during my campaigning over the last several weeks. Also the financial fate of the homeowner and the financial impact this year when the budget is proposed.

What is the financial fate of the homeowner and local business owners this year when the budget is proposed? The homeowner can no longer endure the rising cost of taxation and local businesses are leaving due to the increase in taxation and the rising cost of health care for their employees. The budget is the bible and I can assure you if I was on the common council I would be a NO vote for the BONDING PROPOSITIONS. Now this is not because I don't support the NEED but there is no money. And when the BONDING takes place this is the blue collar workers money who is trying to provide child care, mortgage payments, health care, taxes, rising cost of energy to heat and maintain a home, and where is the savings to afford his children an education they deserve someday?

My platform for Mayor includes a Comprehensive Business Plan for the future of the City of Kingston.

Jean Jacobs, GOP Candidate for Mayor
City of Kingston

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Comprehensive Master Plan Completed 48 years ago (1963)

Comprehensive Master Plan
The Future of the City of Kingston
By Jean Jacobs GOP Candidate for Mayor, City of Kingston

Having attended the committee meeting several weeks ago it was discussed that the City of Kingston had not completed a Comprehensive Master Plan since 1963. I was shocked to hear this information and realized we must have lost millions of dollars in stimulus grants due to lack of updated statistics when applying for grants. I could not believe what I was hearing. Fragmentation leads to failure and the City of Kingston Governmental Administration have been addressing so many areas that require attention without a Comprehensive Plan to Steer them and the future of Kingston. I have served for years on committees that develop Master Plans for the future and I can definitely speak to the importance of this document and the accountability it represents.

Currently we are wasting our time and tax payers' money by picking and choosing our concerns, such as planting trees, cleaning parks, smoking in parks, term limits, garage sales, etc. We are not taking into consideration developing the goals for the future growth of the City of Kingston which, could include all of the issues and generate revenue at the same time by the creation and implementation of the Comprehensive Master Plan.

Fast Forward
The Master Plan is the planning document which gives a general framework which includes planning for the development of our fine city. The purpose is to lay out future plans for an area and to provide reasonable certainty and predictability for potential investors. The plan should serve as a document for the common citizen to understand proposed changes and put them in a proper context and it should define the obligations for city officials and those to follow on appropriate decision making.

What should the Master Plan accomplish?
1. Give direction for positive change while keeping livability (guide how much development)
2. Give guidance for day-to-day decisions
3. Give better visual definition physically (height restrictions, open space)
4. Analyze impact of new development (especially the impact of new roads, sewer lines)
5. Give guidance for redevelopment of older areas (blight removal vs. historic rehab)
6. Encourage proper timing for development (e.g., provide incentives for housing, not offices)
7. Should be clear enough for common citizen to comprehend
8. Should be considered an obligation for elected officials and those that follow.
9. Revitalize parks and recreation

Elements of the plan will include a designation of permitted land uses, development of public facilities, and an analysis or transportation and circulation patterns. Such master plans are usually developed using the "rational planning process," a process that includes the following steps.
• survey and analysis of data
• make projections into future
• develop goals for future growth
• establish planning policies based on goals

The comprehensive plan will give a detailed look at the entire city from transportation challenges to maintaining parks and open space for residents. The biggest challenges facing the city planners, such as protecting the environment and managing growth, are the top concerns for residents.

Comprehensive Master Plan should be seen as an opportunity for the city to look ahead and build consensus on the direction the community is moving in. The steering committee will set developmental goals, objectives and polices generate revenue while meeting the needs of the community. A strategic plan for the future.

We are going in numerous different directions without realizing the cost savings and revenue generating opportunities. For years this has been an opportunity knocking at the Doorway of Kingston. I hold each and everyone of you past and present accountable and to take action on this critical juncture in the Historical City of Kingston. The sky is the limit here with Kingston being the first Capital of New York State and the revenue and grant possibilities are endless with updated statistics for the future of Kingston. Had we recognized the importance of updating this years ago, we may have the required fund balance to offset the cost of a long awaited improvements. Bonding is not a stable financial management approach and basically we are borrowing to pay our bills.

My Comprehensive Business Plan as a candidate for Mayor offers a change in the organizational chart. The Mayor and the Common Council should not be in charge of appointing positions or negotiating contracts. When elected Mayor of the City of Kingston I would create a position of a Business Manager. The current system needs to be managed and governed by someone with business and contract credentials. The Mayor is the CEO and he/she will delegate and will be responsible for the day to day operations of The City of Kingston.

The responsibility of every candidate running for an elected position is to educate their public so the voter is informed regarding issues when they go to the polls. I do not support term limits because we must encourage and promote the importance that every vote counts. With less than 50 per cent voter participation at the polls we must begin to be innovative and create that "Fire in The Belly" in each registered voter to take charge of their right to vote. Voting at the polls is democracy in action.

This would definitely be included in my Comprehensive Business Plan for the future of the City of Kingston.

Jean Jacobs
GOP Mayoral Candidate
City of Kingston

Monday, June 20, 2011


Kingston Daily Freeman Article 6/20/2011
Kingston Mayoral Candidate urges tax break for repairs to sidewalks.

Jean Jacobs, GOP Candidate for Mayor
Response to this article:

Andi Turco Levin: Do you realize that the City of Kingston is facing a rapid fiscal decline and property owners are working two jobs to make their expenses. We should be arriving at solutions to cut the taxes and holding home owners and landlords accountable to maintain their property. Once again the homeowner will take the burden for others who are not taking responsibility for their own property. Currently the homeowners are making up the short fall for all of the properties that are off the tax roll. This percentage is rising every day and presently close to half of the properties in the City of Kingston. This is not fair and equitable distribution.

A careful investigation should be in place and yearly audits to make sure they remain tax exempt. There are strict rules and regulations that govern the tax exempt status, which should be monitored annually. (Are we currently doing this?) Take an accounting of the tax short fall that the County had to make whole this past year MILLIONS when homeowners cannot afford their taxes. WHO PICKS UP THIS EXPENSE?

Jean Jacobs
GOP Candidate for Mayor
City of Kingston

Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Parent is a True Leader




The sweet smell of summer brings many candidates to the Campaign Trail running for office with the #1 GOAL to WIN!. Personalities will flare and agendas can become overwhelmed by Vanity, Arrogance and Intemperance. Leading by Example has always been extremely important to me in presenting my platform for the future. I am a life long resident in the City of Kingston and I have over 35 years of vested service in my community as a volunteer, parent, educator, consultant  and a Fiscal Manager of Business and Finance. My professional background allows me the opportunity to be the most qualified candidate for the next Mayor in the City of Kingston. I am looking forward to many scheduled debates where the Mayoral Candidates can offer their views and platform for the future of the City of Kingston.

Many candidates over time in our governmental system during a campaign season, are intoxicated and obsessed with their own importance and self interest because this is the only power they posses due to lack of credentials and experience for the position. I realize "None of the Candidates have previously served as Mayor so the idea of them having more experience is not a strong argument". Everyone has their own perception of reality. I am running for Mayor in the City of Kingston because I have the background and the credentials to Lead the City of Kingston.

I am passionate and prepared to Make a Difference in the Mayoral Race in the City of Kingston. During the summer months I will be knocking at your door and together we will discuss suggestions, concerns and solutions for Kingston.The best of all leaders is the one who helps people so that eventually they don't need him/her. Then comes the one they love and admire. Then comes the one they fear. The worst is the one who lets people push him/her around. Where there is no trust, people will act in bad faith. I have never been afraid of taking a chance or facing the possibility of defeat. As a candidate you must have a thick skin to take the heat and the comments, because you have confidence in yourself and you know that you are the most qualified person for the job.

Reality, Reform and Recovery. The Reality is we are in a fiscal decline with little hope for the future for the taxpayers, the Reform is my Comprehensive Business Plan for the Future of the City of Kingston. Recovery will occur when I am Elected Mayor in the City of Kingston in November 2011. I am looking forward to the Primary on September 13, 2011.The people will decide by the electorate process who the Republican Mayoral Candidate will be. The POWER OF THE PEOPLE will prevail.

Respectfully submitted,
Jean Jacobs
GOP Candidate for Mayor
City of Kingston