Thursday, July 23, 2009


Hello Voters and Citizens of Ulster County and the City of Kingston. I can't quite believe what I have been reading on some of the blogs. WOW!!! What Negative Power? Negative Power takes away our ability as Candidates to create a platform for the people. Republicans threatening Republicans when in fact, Positive Power should be a constant on the Campaign Trail in 2009. I am mortified that petitions were tampered with as stated on Richard Cahills Blog. Here we have Republicans admitting distrust within the political system when we the Republican Candidates are trying to serve the people and offer them our Leadership and Trust as candidates in the November 2009 Election.
As former Chairman of the Republican Committee in the City of Kingston, I can assure you that the Petition process was monitored daily by the staff at Republican Headquarters under my Leadership. Everyone requires guidance and direction and a careful review of all documents making sure all of the i's and t's are crossed before the deadline. I am sad to read that we have allowed ourselves to publicly accuse the system with accusations of distrust.
I would be interested to hear from the viewing audience your experiences on the Campaign Trail and the issues residents are concerned with and what changes are they recommending in the governmental system for the future of our County and the City of Kingston.
Good Luck on the CAMAIGN TRAIL 2009