Saturday, November 21, 2009


Ladies and Gentlemen Welcome once again to my BLOG
"Jacobs Live People for People"
Recently I attended a lecture on Professional Competence in the 21st Century. I would like to share some of the view points and also ask my viewing audience, for their input as it relates to this subject.
As we enter the 21st century we all live a life style which is fast paced trying to accommodate everyone but remaining professional in our day to day lives. Is it difficult. Absolutely. WHY???Many of us remain children at heart and forget the principles of true professionalism.
Surprisingly, even the basic rules of decorum and courtesy have to be re-taught to mature adults from time to time. Several years ago, I wrote an article on the duties of board members resulting in an Oath of Office which I formulated when I served as a Board President. Many boards of directors have implemented rules of board behavior as an educational tool for new people who did not understand their role or what directors can and cannot do.
So often we take corporate America for granted and forget our true role as professionals. Working together is the common goal we should all recognize in attaining our success as true professionals. My words of wisdom for the day Professional Competence.
Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone.