Sunday, January 11, 2009


Well today was quite the challenge as the snow shoveling was a back breaker. I looked around my neighborhood while I was shoveling and I was empowered and energized by the pride that my neighbors had in their property and their willingness to help others. It was like the "good old days" when neighbors came together to offer a hand and care. The Mayor even stopped on on his way up my street today to see if I needed to have my driveway plowed. This is why I have such a passion about my city and the people that live here. We all must get along and be willing to work together to build a stronger more vibrant community. My mother use to say to me, " to exercise your power Jean you must use greatness." I always remembered this encouragement from my mother and continue to use this philosophy today. My Blog comment today is a lesson for all of us to consider and be ready to help and support our neighbors when they need us. So often the fast pace of life today, does not always allow us the time to give back or take that extra 15 minutes to offer our time to help someone. Think about this the next time you see someone that needs your help.

I am also extending my sincere condolences to Mayor Sottile and his family, in the loss of Mayor Sottiles father Arthur Sottile. My father was a good friend of Arthur Sottile and to this day reminisces of years ago when they went to school together and growing up in the City of Kingston. So often my father tells me, " they were the "good old days." My father James Wells is 88 and has many fond memories as a child growing up in Kingston with his 9 brothers and sisters on Hone Street and he attended Saint Mary's School. My father was also a World War II Veteran and served four years overseas during World War II.

If you have a story of the "good old days" in the City of Kingston, please share this on my Blog with my viewers. Everyone enjoys a good story.


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Anonymous said...

Jean: great anecdote- and good lessons from the "good ole days"
As for shoveling and neighbors being neighbors - let's revisit
one of my old ideas- NTV
Neighborhood teen volunteers-
take care and best to your viewers,
Shelly Z