Wednesday, March 3, 2010


"Jacobs Live Reports to Her Community".

Last evening I attended the Kingston Common Council meeting at City Hall. I am most concerned with the attendance at these meetings and urge all of you to take a pledge and stand up and become apart of your community. We need residents to take an active role at these meetings and get to know your Alderman in your Ward.
I spoke regarding the most recent Healthy Ulster Summit I attended on 3/2/10. I referenced the importance of bringing everyone under one umbrella in a collaborative effort to make Safety a priority in the City of Kingston. We all realize that statistics are a factor in reporting the increase or decrease in crime but regardless we should continue to be proactive in our MISSION to stamp out violence. We cannot compromise the life of one individual and should always recognize the importance of working together to accomplish this.
Mr. Michael D'ARcy also spoke at the Common Council meeting. His message was empowering and dynamic filled with a passion and a plan for the safety of the citizens of Kingston. Michael and his wife Claudia are the founders of the Kingston New York Neighborhood Watch Group. For more information go to
I was most impressed with the Freeman Front Page article yesterday CITY CRIME FOCUS OF SUMMIT. We as citizens should all be striving to encourage, motivate and promote becoming active in this SUMMIT. There has been a series of violent crimes that has occurred in the city since the beginning of the year. They include a gangland-style assassination of witness on Cedar Street, two cases of assault during which two people were seriously injured, and the mugging of a woman on Wall Street. In 2009 there were 759 serious crimes reported. One crime is to many and we need you to become involved in our Safety Mission for the future in the City of Kingston.
Moving on, I also attended the Ulster County Legislature meeting last night and once again I urge all residents of Ulster County to attend these meetings. Your tax dollars are at work each and every day and your voice can become a powerful component in the process.
Tune in tonight 3/3/10 "Jacobs Live People for People" 8:00 PM-8:30 PM. Tonight my guests will be Mr. Michael D'Arcy, Claudia D'Arcy and John Dowley founders of the Kingston NY Neighborhood Watch.
Stay Tuned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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