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Kingston Times Article
January 6, 2011
RING FULL OF HATS by Mr. Hugh Reynolds

The hour of the wannabes.

I am a life long resident in the City of Kingston. I have spent 32 years of my career in Public Service. I have served on more boards than Mr. Reynolds has time to write his column on. One of the highlights of my career, was being elected to the Kingston City Board of Education in 1996 by the Board of Education members to fulfill the last year of Mr. Bruce Burgers term and again in 1999 when I was elected by the General Public and served three years. During this term the BOE Trustees elected me to be President of the Board of Education

I would like to remind Mr. Reynolds that there were four mayoral candidates that interviewed with the Republican Committee on Monday December 20, 2010. The statement you made Mr. Reynolds was absolutely humiliating. Never ever did I fail at my position as President of the Board of Education. Your statement was inappropriate and degrading to someone who has always been and always will be the PEOPLES ADVOCATE.

Mr. Hugh Reynolds called me a Perennial Republican Candidate and asked WHY? What a stupid question from someone who proclaims to be a journalist. Why: I will answer you. I am the peoples choice because I care. I care about Ward 5 and I was willing to run for Alderman in two elections. This takes a considerable amount of time and finances. It takes hours of meeting with your constituents, and proving that your MISSION will make a difference if they elect you. Take one tally of the Republican totals in the wards over the last 6 years? You mention in your article 4,759 Democrats to 2,240 Republicans. Do you think this may be an obstacle? Despite the odds we are willing to PUT OUR HATS IN THE RING. At least I have the passion, pride and determination to never ever give up, because Kingston deserves more and I am proud to put my hat in the ring for Mayor in the City of Kingston.

I have been a successful businesswoman, successful parent of 4 children and community leader all of my adult life in the City of Kingston. My roots are here and I have lived in Up-Town Kingston for 57 years. My CV is a shoe in for this position. Who are you Mr. Reynolds to say otherwise? It is up to you Mr. Reynolds to listen to the candidates and offer them credit for even considering to "PUT THEIR HAT IN THE RING". I was singled out in your article and I was not offered fair representation.

Ask yourself this question Mr. Reynolds? Am I the only candidate that ran for an elected official position and did not take a victory? How many other candidates ran for office and did not take the victory?
Does this make us WANNABEES or does this make us LEADERS willing to step up and make a diference in our community.

Respectfully submitted,
Jean C. Jacobs
Former Republican Chairman City of Kingston
GOP Republican Candidate for Mayor
City Of Kingston


Anonymous said...

Good for you, Ms. Jacobs for not sitting idly by and taking the insults on the chin. Let it be said that none of the other candidates could even shine your shoes. Accomplishments? They could not begin to compare your list of community endeavors. There are serious issues that face this City. It will take someone who is compassionate enough to want to make a difference. You have alot to offer. A true Kingstonian, the peoples' advocate, the voice that will be heard. Game on.

vlodato said...

Hello Ms Jacobs

I will support your candidacy for Mayor...Lei Isaacs's is a dear friend of mine....vince lodato phd