Thursday, March 17, 2011



Just to inform my public I have been out and about working for you. Recently I have been attending all of the City of Kingston Common Council/Committee Meetings and taking the time to speak on behalf of subjects that have a definite impact on the City of Kingston and my constituents. I also attended the Public Hearing at the County Office Building regarding the fate of the Golden Hill Health Care Center. I spoke on behalf of a financial plan that could prove viable for the future of the facility and the residents that reside there.

The Shamrock Sunday Celebration deserves a considerable amount of KUDOS to everyone who made this day a tremendous success. I had the privilege of running with my daughter Jessica and then I returned to the Parade to March with the Guardian Angels. I have been working with the Local District Coordinator to form a Chapter in Kingston, New York.

The Kingston City School District has been apart of my life for over 35 years while raising my four children. It is time for other members of the Community to become involved and consider running for the Board of Education. I am presently a candidate for MAYOR in the City of Kingston.

I have been the President of the Board of Education, President of the Kingston Taxpayer Alliance, President, Join Your Neighbors Coalition and currently the President of THE TEAM THAT CARES. I have been instrumentally involved in educating the public, how critical it is for them, to become involved and consider running as a candidate for the Kingston City School District Board of Education. I recently attended the Press Conference hosted by our Superintendent and spoke publicly at the meeting.

It is time we all consider working together for the betterment of our fine city. When I read where was the other mayoral candidates at a certain meetings I take offense. I attended the City Committee Laws and Rules Meeting on Tuesday 3/15/2011 and on 3/16/2011 I attended the City of Kingston Finance Committee Meeting. WHY: Because I am interested in making a difference in my city and the knowledge I acquire prepares me for my candidacy.

Last but not least I am informing my PUBLIC that I am going to a PRIMARY in September. When I interviewed with the GOP Committee, I explicitly told them I would PRIMARY. I feel it is the peoples choice to determine their candidate in a primary for the general election.
The general definition of the term primary means preliminary, first, or most important. It’s really no different in regard to a primary election, which is the preliminary step in the process of electing a candidate running for office in the United States. Many other countries follow different systems, but a primary election is held in the U.S. to see who will receive the nomination from his or her political party during the convention.

The candidate who receives the nomination, will run against the candidate nominated by the other party - or parties as the case may be.
Many voters don’t seem to realize that the primary election is the most important phase. This is when each vote counts the most, because it gives people the ability to decide who the best candidate is. Unfortunately, many people skip the primary election and only vote in the general election, many of them complaining that their party’s candidate is not the one they would have chosen. People who take their vote seriously need to find out when the primary election is held in their state so they have a voice in selecting the candidate.


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