Monday, August 8, 2011

Mayoral Candidate Jean Jacobs, My Plan Contract Negotiations



The long–term financial future of the city of Kingston will be governed and managed by a new Mayor LEADER as a result of the general election in the City of Kingston in November 2011. As a Business Leader in the City of Kingston, I have been involved with contract negotiations the majority of my professional and community service career.

It takes a bi-partisan approach to this critical venture. Typically contracts are negotiated for three years but MY PLAN would be a one–year agreement which also allows the incoming mayor to truly get a say on the union contracts without being burdened by a contract they didn't negotiate. Regardless of which candidate is elected, the new mayor should be given the ability to negotiate a new deal with the unions.

Business Decisions that require immediate attention and considerations to the upcoming contract negotiations with the unions in the City of Kingston will set the financial stage for the future of Kingston. We need a lead Business Negotiator to govern and negotiate the contract process in the City of Kingston. The present financial profile in the City of Kingston is tenuous and the cities financial future in most critical.

As a Mayoral Candidate running for Mayor in the City of Kingston this is my plan for the contract negotiations as I presently see it: We must take a bi-partisan approach in the negotiations of contracts and I have made it public previously, that the Mayor of the City of Kingston should not be the negotiator and My Business Plan for the future of Kingston addresses this issue.

The City of Kingston upcoming contract negotiations with unions could set the stage for a better financial future, if the parties can agree on a contract that takes into account the city's financial situation while also addressing the needs of the workers. I look forward to this opportunity if elected Mayor in the City of Kingston.

Jean C. Jacobs
City of Kingston
GOP Mayoral Candidate


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Anonymous said...

You make some important points - the need for validation of the integrity of our Elected Officials and Public Employees is desperately needed - see Freeman page 3 Aug 30th - my goodness - all the efforts to raise our children properly goes to waste when we tolerate this type of behavior. It is clear that many City officials were aware of this.