Thursday, April 16, 2009


I am reaching out to my Republican/Conservative Constituents and all the Citizens in the City of Kingston and County of Ulster to better understand what is your platform during the next governmental election in the City of Kingston and Ulster County in 2009? Where is "THE FIRE IN YOUR BELLY" attitude to take this election by storm. We need to hear from you. Are you considering the possibility of running for Alderman or Legislator? Do you feel you have the time, energy and motivation to win? Are you ready for the challenge? Do you have the leadership skills and funding to make this happen?

One of my goals, when I served as the Republican Chairman in the City of Kingston, was to develop a unified effort in making the people realize they had the power to make change. We can create this machine of opportunity and the time is now.

Where are our LEADERS? Where is the noise and your willingness to serve?

The POWER OF THE PEOPLE is a powerful machine and "We the People" have the ability to make change.

Make some noise. Your comments please!!!!!!

Concerned Citizen
Committed to Excellence
Jean Jacobs


Anonymous said...

You're running for County Chair?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You are becoming another Phil Cosme. You keep running and losing and losing and losing.

At least Phil finally hung it up.

Jacobs Live People for People said...

To Anonymous 10:22

Don't hide behind your post. Stand up and speak out and identify yourself to your public. You are the biggest loser to even post such a statement. I challenge you to run for public office. You are a coward to hide behind your identity.

little paulie k said...

I sent this to Blaber's N&C

little paulie k said...

Your very insightful and particularly pinpointed terminology go a long way and makes you seem wise beyond your years but your veiled age-ism and dismissal of Jean are a bit off. She could mount a campaign to supplant or replace Mario and be the vibrant involved candidate that fulfills her style and personality. If the world had more women like she is it would be a better place. Little paulie k

6:27 AM

Anonymous said...


Her running for Chair is a joke.

Anonymous said...

In response to 6:06 PM..For those wannabees who are quick with the mouth but slow with the feet, back in November 08 on "Kingston Truth" there were 99 comments about "Dumping Catalano" which certainly left the impression there was room for improvement in his leadership abilities. Fast forward to another thread "Turmoil Part Deux" and "Republicans in Turmoil" again indicated there was not much hope for the Party if the current leadership was not challenged. With that said, stand up and be heard. Could you do a better job?

Anonymous said...

shouldn't fletchere and farrell disclose that their wives work for the district and they personally benefit from the generous contracts they negotiate?

Anonymous said...

12:03 pm

Doesn't Ms. Farrell work for the Kingston Library not the school district?