Monday, April 13, 2009


Well I return to many county and city issues that I have been reading in the local papers and surfing on the local blogs. Despite many differences, I feel we continue to blossom in the great City of Kingston. Do we need reform and a change in direction, ABSOLUTELY. Can we get there by working together to attain our goals as citizens and politicians. ABSOLUTELY. Will we get there if we learn to focus our energy on the issues and LEAD BY EXAMPLE ABSOLUTELY. This will be an exciting year and I can feel the energy, motivation and a willingness of the people to step up to the plate and make a difference is alive and well. GO KINGSTON!!!

Several weeks ago I posted on my blog the need for citizens to make a commitment and consider running for the Kingston City School Board. The time is now for concerned citizens to step up or step aside. The clock is ticking and time is running out. Please set aside some time and consider taking the challenge and run for the Kingston City School Board. You can make a difference. Please contact 'THE TEAM THAT CARES ' if you are interested in becoming a candidate for the Kingston City School Board. 338-1366 or 331-7497.

This weekend Saturday April 18, 2009 will mark the 13th, Annual Kids Classic in the City of Kingston. BRAVO to Mr. Dan Bigelow who was the original founder of the Kids Classic in 1996. Mr. Bigelow was the Principal of the J.W. Bailey Middle School at that time and I had the privilege of working with him that year serving as a parent volunteer for the PTA. His dream is a living testimony to him today and all of the children that he influenced as a LEADER and EDUCATOR for over thirty years in the Kingston City School District. Good Luck to all of the KIDS this Saturday that will be participating. I will be there to cheer you on!!!!!!!!! KUDOS now to the YMCA KIDS CLASSIC.

The KICK OFF on Sunday April 26, 2009 will mark the celebration of the 28th Kingston Classic 10K Race in the City of Kingston. This is a wonderful day to bring people together and prove to yourself you can do this. I have run this race for many years with friends and family. I look forward to seeing you there!!!!!

Happy Spring!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I think the School Board is your real calling. I never thought being GOP Chair suited you. (Not attacking)

You have always seemed most concerned about the School Board. Perhaps your departure from the City GOP is a blessing. NOw, you can focus 100% on reforming the school board.

Jacobs Live People for People said...

My response to anonymous 4:30PM. Who are you to determine where my calling is? My calling has always been my community. I have raised four wonderful and successful children because as a parent I created a partnership in education for over 30 years. Remember I did not depart from the GOP position as the Republican Chairman in the City of Kingston but I am sure you are already aware of this. I suggest you step up to the plate and become a candidate for the School Board. You just might win!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I was not attacking you. I was suggesting that the School Board was a better fit for you. It was just my opinion.

I was trying to offer you a silver lining to an unfortunate situation.

You did not have to jump down my throat and attack me. If that's how you feel about it, well -- then the hell with you.

Jacobs Live People for People said...

In response to 9:15 Anonymous

I was not attacking your comment. I was creating a reality check on my past and present public service profile. I volunteered many years to the KCSD and feel it is time for others to take charge and offer their time in making a differene in their community. Despite where I lead I will always continue to put the people first. When your own party decides they are going to remove you what example does this set for the future of the Republican Party? It was wrong and therefore I have an obligation to myself and the to the citizens of the City of Kingston to make it right. I knew you were not attackng me. I was just offering my opinion.