Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen:

I am so disturbed at what I have read tonight that I had to offer my comments to all political parties and citizens of my community. The comments posted on Mr. Richard Cahills blog is a disgrace regarding Alderman Mr. Thomas Hoffay. Mr. Hoffay I apologize to you from my heart for being put in this position of attack by someone that has never ever grown up to face the reality that this is not the way you win elections or popularity. I have found that 99.9 per cent of the politicians in this world are good people. They are dedicated, caring, honest, compassionate and want to solve problems and improve the lives of their constituents and their communities. How can Mr. Cahill consider himself a REPUBLICAN LEADER when he has the audacity to post such comments about another individual? I can assure all Republicans, Democrats, Independence, Conservative, Working Families and NOP'S that I do not and will not support personal attacks. Mr. Hoffay I look forward to working with you, so together we can continue to Preserve the Future and the Heritage of our fine city.

Jean Jacobs
Former Republican Chairman
City of Kingston


joe frank said...

Jean, why don't you sign your name "Former Board of Education President" too.

Jacobs Live People for People said...

In answer to my blogger of 10:28 PM

Jean Jacobs
Former Board of Eduction President

I am proud to sign my name to this title. I devoted and sacrificed many years in the Kingston City School District as a parent and a Board of Education Trustee.
When my last child graduated in 2003 I look back and cherish so many fond memories of the dedicated educators that I had the privilege of working with.
I will never ever regret my community volunteer service to the Kingston City School District. My four children are examples of the superior education they received while attending the
Kingston City School District. My youngest daughter Jessica just received her Masters Degree in Literacy and Special Education and her Bachlors in Elementry Education in 2007. This speaks volumes to the teachers and their devotion to the future of our country.
Jean Jacobs
Former Board of Education President
BLT Facilitator
Career Day Coordinator
PTA President
Moving Up Day Coordinator
Hospitality Chairman
Student Council Parent Representative
Band Parent President
I can list many more but you see how important community service and participation in your childrens education is. I am proud of my titles because I earned them.

Anonymous said...

How are you going to work with Tom? You just lost in court according to Cahill's blog.

He says the judge found that you mislead the voters. Did the judge fund that? If so, aren't you ashamed of misleading the voters??

Way out of town said...

I want to know what is wrong with Richard Cahill? He is like the Wizard of Oz, a little man hiding behind the curtain with his toes all curled up.

He continually attacks people's integrity. Now he is attacking you. I have known you, Ms. Jacobs for almost ten years, and I can assure the public that your ONLY intention was to serve the public, not to deceive anyone!! If he wants to get personal....let's go.

How about the fact that his wife threw a tantrum at the court house the other day when the security officer tried to look through her purse. She had a fit and refused to let them do so. The officer told her to "lose the attitude" or she'd be outside.

She had a camera that he confiscated. Who did SHE think she was? Kingston Royalty? Little Cahill just stood there, stammering. An unfortunate urchin like Richie Cahill should look in the mirror before he starts attacking other people's character.

Let me ask the public this...what has Richard Cahill Jr. done for this community of note? That's right. NOTHING. NOT ONE THING....except to sit on his blog and call people names.

He had better know one thing...what goes around, eventually does come around. Wait till the law firm he works for realizes that he is losing them business...then maybe he will wake up. Until then, he needs to know that people are watching and making sure he doesn't buy any guns. His personality is the type who will shoot up a place when he finally snaps. There, do YOU like it?? I'm sorry, Jean, but I know you have one of the biggest hearts of anyone I have ever met, and truly go out of your way to help others and it is painful to watch this little creep mouth off and twist facts.


Jacobs Live People for People said...

Anonymous 7:01 I offer my comment:

Let the record show the following: When I campaigned in Ward 5. I carried two BRIGHT PINK flyers which Read as follows: My flyers were printed at Catskill Art Supply on Wall Street.

I have been a volunteer for over 35years serving the people of Ulster County and the City of Kingston.
Together We Can Make a Difference.

My flyer for Alderman Primary:
Jean Jacobs
Republican Candidate
Alderman Ward 5
City of Kingston
Everyone can make a difference when they exercise their right to vote for the Candidate that will make a difference in Ward 5. I ask for your support and VOTE for me as your Republican Alderman Candidate in the City of Kingston Republican
Primary, on Tuesday September 15, 2009.
"Together We can Make a Difference"

Let me assure you there was never fraud or deception in my campaign speech with the residents in Ward 5They can support my statement when I visited their homes. I have never been or will be ashamed to serve my people. I will give you the list of the names and you can ask them directly, if there was ever a time that I deceived or mislead them.
Before you write another comment like this I suggest you do your homework or take a lesson in Leadership.

Jean Jacobs

Anonymous said...

Dear Jean,

How are individuals supposed to know if you deceived them or tnot?? I mean, that's part of what deception is... the people don't know you're doing it to them!

Anyway, you did in fact deceive them, because it is now a matter of law. A legal FACT that will never go away.