Sunday, August 9, 2009


I dedicate this BLOG comment to my Mother
Jean Emily Corcoran Wells
Once upon a time long, long ago in the City of Kingston there was an uptown girl that decided to Make A Difference in her community in 1970. She was young and naive but had a passion to serve the people and was willing to become involved and educate herself. Her parents had always inspired her when she was growing up and gave her the skills and the wisdom to succeed. Today over 39 years later she continues her Mission to serve the people. During the years that followed she married, had four wonderful and successful children Robin, Daniel, Jared and Jessica, and she devoted 30 years of her professional career as an Administrator in the Health Care Industry.
While growing up she was introduced into the world of competition, realizing you have to stand up for what you believe and be willing to sacrifice your time in order to make a difference. Early on she realized that at times she became the victim of circumstances out of her control which included personal attacks, name calling, and malicious and defamatory statements that affected her credibility and leadership. She thought long ago to the back yard sand box fights, when her Mom would say to her tell them that, "sticks and stones will hurt my bones but names will never hurt you" if you tell the truth and stand up for your beliefs.
Well she is all grown up today and in her heart she has taken the words of Wisdom from her mother and she is satisfied of her accomplishments and the friends, educators, business professionals, parents, physicians, and politicians she has had the privilege of working with along the way. This is her testimony to success the fact that you feel accomplishment when you have the ability to LEAD BY EXAMPLE.
Yes their are roadblocks and there are no promises that everything will have a happy ending. Currently she is under attack by many in the City Republican Committee for committing deception and fraud with the residents in her home town that she adores and loves so dearly and has devoted her entire life to in Making A Difference. Is this not hilarious to even think such a tale of horror. Everyday she teaches the benefits of setting a good example to the lowest level of people that take enjoyment in breaking down her self worth. Despite all of this, she rises above that level of behavior and will live happily ever after knowing in her heart she could never stoop to the level of the Rich Cahills of the world. Shame on them.


Way out of town said...

God love you, are a good and honest woman. Cahill can accuse you of committing fraud and being deceptive, but I know for certain that you are nothing but honest in all that you do.

The fact that his wife carried on like she was above the law the other day speaks volumes about the two of them.

He is a petty and sinister man. Not to mention a short man with Napoleonic Syndrome.

Let's hope the truth prevails in all of this. Keep your head up high.

Anonymous said...

Just curious then, why didn't you inform the committee of your intentions to run as Alderwoman instead of agreeing to run for Legislature?

Anonymous said...

I don't always agree with you Jean, but it's disgusting how you're being treated. That's why people don't get involved in politics.

Just stay clean, and don't get into the politics of personal destruction. That doesn't solve anything.

Anonymous said...

Hey 3:38 the committee should be abolished and the puppet, Cahill should slink back into the hole he crawled out of.