Thursday, December 17, 2009


I currently host a local TV show "Jacobs Live People for People"on Kingston Public Access Channel 23. My show is on Wednesday evenings from 8:00 PM-8:30 PM. Previously my show aired on Wednesday evenings from 6:30PM-7:00PM. It is an honor and a privilege as a producer, to return my show to the public. I must compliment the KPA Commission for all of their efforts in making this a reality after a year off the air. I look forward to working with them so we can build a successful future together. Also a special thank you to the people behind the scenes who work the equipment at the new studio. Their commitment and dedication is most appreciated.
Each week I will update my BLOG with my guests that were on my show. If you are interested in being a guest on my show, please do not hesitate to contact me at
Last evening, December 16, 2009 my guests were the founders of the KINGSTON UPTOWN RESIDENTS' ALLIANCE (KURA), Mr. Jerry Soldner and his wife Doris Soldner. Jerry and his wife Doris moved to Kingston and fell in love with our fine city. Jerry and Doris had a MISSION in making a difference and welcomed all concerned citizens of Kingston who are interested in rebuilding our neighborhoods and improving our community. I have had the opportunity to attend many of their meetings and I must say they have the ability to energize, inspire and motivate membership participation. For more questions or more information regarding KURA please call 888-338-3237 or e-mail
Also a Special Thank you to Shelly Zimbler (City and County) and Mr. Art Richter (Health Care Matters) for having me on their show over the last two weeks.
I also attended the Ulster County Legislature meeting last evening, prior to my show. There were special accommodations and awards for the legislators that will be leaving this year, hosted by Mr. David Donaldson (Majority Leader). It was a time for joy and tears, as all of them will be leaving their position as an Ulster County Legislator this year. Susan Cummings (24) years, Mr. Frank Dart (18) years, Mr. Glenn Noonan (14) years Mr. Brian Cahill (2) years, Mr. John Decker (2) years and Mr. Gary Bishoff (2+years). I commend them all for their service to Ulster County and the people.
Well off to finish my Holiday Shopping.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

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Anonymous said...

OMG—Cahill Jr. continues to be delusional in stating his Kingston Chronicles is still the number one show on Channel 23 Public Access when, in fact, the ratings have put Jacobs Live—People For People way over the top for the number one slot for the second week in a row. Kudos to Jacobs. The news has devastated Cahill. The fact of the matter is if the two Cahills are not bashing certain leaders in the community and talking politics, the show offers nothing to the viewing audience.

The Chronicles hit an all-time low Monday evening when Cahill resorted to reading the paper which listed the tour of City homes decorated for the holidays (as if we can’t read the paper ourselves) and the ridiculous conjured story that Santa Claus reassured him that Kingston Chronicles was the number one show had to be seen to be believed. Are you kidding me? Now, come on. We all know Cahill authored the letter. But, then again, maybe he really still believes in Santa Claus. Maybe even the tooth fairy, too.