Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Good Evening Mr. President, Members of the Common Council and City of Kingston Residents in attendance this evening.
I stand before you this evening totally respecting you and your position as Leaders in our community. You are going to be facing some of the most serious financial decisions of lifetime in 2010. We are facing a crippling economy, loss of jobs, rising crime , and a city budget to master for the next year. I urge all of you to THINK OUT OF THE BOX. Currently we are pitting employees against administration which leads to poor moral affecting job performance. We must find a workable solution to the budget.
  1. Residents are facing a possible 10-12% increase in KCSD school taxes which is no longer sustainable for taxpayers.
  2. New York State is broke and should cut 30 Billion of spending over the next three years in actions from freezing state workers pay and benefits to axing aid for special education.
  3. School aid and Medicaid, the federal health plan for the poor account for 2/3 of the state budget.
  4. New York State is so broke it takes funds from itself to pay off Unapproved Debt.

We are living in a recession, depression and our fine city can no longer sustain the increases in taxes to offset the rising costs of our economy. Most of New York States debt is from falling tax collections and recent spending of billions of dollars. I urge the citizens of Kingston to take charge and become involved by motivating others to make a difference. Your tax dollars are at STAKE and the future of the City of Kingston. Stay Tuned!!!!!!!!!


RCp said...

Despite of not being in recession here in India we face more peoblems than you in Kingston felt really different when I read your blah... Anyways all d best with your campaign Cheers, RC

Anonymous said...
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