Tuesday, April 27, 2010


WOW, I just had a chance to sit down and give an update to my community. I have been out and about working for you. Latest events include the KIDS CLASSIC and outstanding event enjoyed by all in attendance. I had such a feeling of pride and accomplishment when I watched the KIDS run the races. Positive energy was the THEME for the day. A special Thank You to the YMCA for their efforts in making this another year of accomplishment for the youth in our community. It proves that our community can come together for the children. KUDOS to the parents, educators, running community volunteers, and local community contributors for giving of their time, effort and energy to make this day such a huge success.
Moving On: I was proud to offer my time in the most recent Clean Sweep efforts in the City of Kingston on Saturday April 25, 2010. KUDOS to the Friends of Historic Kingston for their organization and their ability to inspire citizens to become apart of such a rewarding day. Special thanks to our TEAM CAPTAINS Mr. Jerry Soldner, President of KURA, Mrs. Doris Soldner, Mr. Eric Winchell, Ms. Judith Sullivan and Mr. Chuck Jackson. Great Leaders making a difference daily in our community.
This year we will have three seats on the Kingston City School Board up for re-election. As President for the "TEAM THAT CARES" I reach out to my public today and ask for your support of our three candidates. I have been and always will be a strong advocate for the taxpayers, students and educators in the City of Kingston. Recognizing the serious financial deficit that taxpayers are presently facing, the Team That Cares endorses three candidates that will be working for you and the students in the Kingston City School District.
Ms. Barbara Patrick, Ms. Doris Soldner, and Mr. Todd Langon.
Upcoming Events:
Kingston City School District Public Budget Hearing Wednesday May 5, 2010
at 5:30 PM at Ciconi Building, Crown Street, Kingston NY
Candidates Night Tuesday, May 11, 2010, 6:30 PM
at Clifford Miller School, Lake Katrine, NY
Tuesday May 18, 2010 VOTE for Kingston City School District Budget
and School Board Candidates
Please check your voting location.
I attended a Public Information Meeting on April 20, 2010 at the Old Dutch Church hosted by Mr. Jerry Soldner, President and members of the Kingston Uptown Residents Association. Guest Speakers included, Mr. Mark Grunblatt, Counselor at Law and Mr. Jim Reffelt. Topics of discussion identified with How Estimates of Market Value are Determined for Residential Properties. I urge all residents and homeowners in the City of Kingston to become educated in an area of importance that affects your checkbook YOUR PROPERTY ASSESSMENT.
Last but not least I take serious issue with recent GRANDSTANDING tactics I have recently read in local papers. I am here working for you in the best interest of my community. I will raise the awareness if I do not agree with present administration, in all areas of government, including educational governance, city governance, county governance and state governance. Believe me when I say that a common thread runs through all forms of governing bodies. If we attack the people personally, we are taking valuable time away from the most critical issues facing all forms of government today. Everyone has a platform and every one's views and opinions should be respected. When you are climbing the political ladder to victory, reach out to your constituents by providing them with a PLATFORM that will inspire them to go out and vote for YOU. This is how you win elections.
Tune into JACOBS LIVE every Wednesday evening 8:00PM-8:30 PM on Kingston Area Public Access Channel 23.
Remember the Woman's Expo this weekend. Saturday May 1st, 2010.
Stay Tuned!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

good job-thank you

Anonymous said...

Really, no one cares what you are doing. Who is filling you head with B.S. saying anyone cares at all?
The only one who thinks you are Gods gift to the community is you.

Jacobs Live People for People said...

Answer to Anonymous 8:53 PM

Yes I am Gods Gift in my community when I was born to my proud parents Jean and James Wells. My parents taught me to stand up to people like you at a very young age. Negative Force is your platform, which gives me even more reason to make a difference in my community. Get a Life

Anonymous said...

I see Rich Cahill still reads your blog.

Anonymous said...

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