Friday, February 4, 2011

Political Leadership A Shared Responsibility

Honorable Mayor James Sottile and Jean Jacobs former Chairman City of Kingston Republican Party on February 3, 2011 at the State of the City address.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Editor of the Kingston Times:

Some things in Kingston never change. I speak of the nasty vitriol that comes from the writings of Hugh Reynolds. His most recent negative jab at Ms. Jean Jacobs, referring to her as a "perennial loser" speaks more about the content of his own persona than of hers.

For as long as I have known Ms. Jacobs, she puts her heart, soul and passion into TRUTH. Others who name call and disparage her character are threatened by her belief and support of the true purpose of democracy and governance where it belongs;in the hands of "We the People."

Jean is a woman of integrity who does not resort to name calling, which is the hallmark of Hugh Reynold's very existence. Without his catty style of writing he wouldn't have a job. Oh, that reminds me...he used to have another job, but that organization wised up enough to send him packing.

What are YOUR credentials for public service, Mr. Reynolds? Ms. Jacobs has spent thirty years volunteering thousands of hours for schools, the city of Kingston and countless other organizations. She is an amazing mother whose oldest son is in charge of the Security on Air Force One for the President of the United States of America! Wherever you see President Obama, there is her son next to him, saluting, protecting him and putting his own life on the line. Yes, Mr. Reynolds, what a "perennial loser" that American hero must have for a mother!

What do you do, Mr. Reynolds? What honor does your family bring to you? What honor do you bring to your family? When I lived in Kingston, you were the epitome of all I found offensive. You reveled in the small minded, petty, vicious gossip swirling around a small town in a poor attempt to cover the "good ol boys" and their games that are finally coming home to roost.

You used to attack me without provocation, as well, Mr. Reynolds. I used to take pity on you and your insults, distortions and lies, even though I found them painful. Let me say that your nasty fodder made me stronger. I've sung for the President of the United States live at the Kennedy Center Honors, sung for officials at the Russian and Belgian Embassies, performed each year on national television on the 4th of July with legends like Aretha Franklin and Gladys Knight. And I worked personally on the governor's race in Maryland along the side if Governor Giuliani.

Yes, I used to be the butt of your vicious comments, just as Ms. Jacobs continues to be. However, that gives me great hope for her success, because the real "perennial loser" here is you, Mr. Reynolds. You are who you are. A gossip monger who has stood still over time, while the rest of us you proclaimed as "losers", have gone on to build a life. You might try it sometime.


Jolie Dunham