Monday, June 20, 2011


Kingston Daily Freeman Article 6/20/2011
Kingston Mayoral Candidate urges tax break for repairs to sidewalks.

Jean Jacobs, GOP Candidate for Mayor
Response to this article:

Andi Turco Levin: Do you realize that the City of Kingston is facing a rapid fiscal decline and property owners are working two jobs to make their expenses. We should be arriving at solutions to cut the taxes and holding home owners and landlords accountable to maintain their property. Once again the homeowner will take the burden for others who are not taking responsibility for their own property. Currently the homeowners are making up the short fall for all of the properties that are off the tax roll. This percentage is rising every day and presently close to half of the properties in the City of Kingston. This is not fair and equitable distribution.

A careful investigation should be in place and yearly audits to make sure they remain tax exempt. There are strict rules and regulations that govern the tax exempt status, which should be monitored annually. (Are we currently doing this?) Take an accounting of the tax short fall that the County had to make whole this past year MILLIONS when homeowners cannot afford their taxes. WHO PICKS UP THIS EXPENSE?

Jean Jacobs
GOP Candidate for Mayor
City of Kingston

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