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I would like to remind the voting public and the local media that there are 4 GOP Candidates running for Mayor in the City of Kingston. As a candidate, I attend all of the City Of Kingston Committee meetings because the knowledge that I acquire is powerful and educates me, so I can be a well informed candidate when speaking with my constituents. I also speak publicly at the meetings on many serious issues facing the residents in the City of Kingston. Visibility and community involvement proves to your public that you are their advocate for change. I have been campaigning over the last several weeks and I can assure all of you that term limits and fireworks are not at the top of the taxpayers priorities.

Fireworks: Well Ladies and Gentlemen I did not attend the fireworks and I will explain my position on this matter: My professional background as a Finance Director proves that the City of Kingston cannot afford the event and we must learn to conserve and not live above our means. I totally respect the wonderful benefactors that provide the funding but the fact remains that the City of Kingston cannot afford the celebration at this time. THERE IS NO MONEY

The review for the charter was not brought up for a political platform it was brought up by Alderman, Jen Fuentes who disagreed with Alderman Turco Levins proposal and recommended creating a non-partisan committee for review and discussion of the City Charter as it relates to this subject. I absolutely agree with this recommendation. I was in attendance at the meeting when this was discussed.

Our fine City has not had a Comprehensive Master Plan in 48 years. This is a reality and concerns me considerably. This should have been a focus of local city government long before now. I gave an outline of this on my prior posting. The Table of Organization must be changed and the Charter requires an entire review. Has anyone been reading what the City of Newburgh is facing financially? This is crucial and Kingston is definitely heading in this direction. We are bonding for almost every project that requires a considerable amount of finances: MILLIONS

I presented months ago at the Common Council public comment  A SAFETY PLAN FOR THE FUTURE of KINGSTON. Emergency Response Teams by Ward: Without a Safe City there is NO CITY. Quality of Life is definitely a major concern during my campaigning over the last several weeks. Also the financial fate of the homeowner and the financial impact this year when the budget is proposed.

What is the financial fate of the homeowner and local business owners this year when the budget is proposed? The homeowner can no longer endure the rising cost of taxation and local businesses are leaving due to the increase in taxation and the rising cost of health care for their employees. The budget is the bible and I can assure you if I was on the common council I would be a NO vote for the BONDING PROPOSITIONS. Now this is not because I don't support the NEED but there is no money. And when the BONDING takes place this is the blue collar workers money who is trying to provide child care, mortgage payments, health care, taxes, rising cost of energy to heat and maintain a home, and where is the savings to afford his children an education they deserve someday?

My platform for Mayor includes a Comprehensive Business Plan for the future of the City of Kingston.

Jean Jacobs, GOP Candidate for Mayor
City of Kingston


Anonymous said...

If the Dodgers can file bankruptcy why not Kingston?

Anonymous said...

You probably won't post this, but you are not the Republican Candidate for this election. Your committee chose another and that is the one they are backing.
You are clearly misrepresenting yourself.

Anonymous said...

Well, it would appear that you could certainly lead this fine City because you always do your homework and are well-informed. I would hate to think the priorities of the candidates continue to focus on term limits, broken sidewalks, smoking in the park and public access. It is incredible though that once a thread on Cahill's blog is posted, it baecomes worthy of a newspaper article, by-lined by a reporter who always has favored Cahill. This in itself is slanted journalism and I personally can't wait for a public forum for debates of all the mayoral candidates. You will blow them away. Good luck in your endeavors.

Jacobs Live People for People said...

In response to June 30, 7:12
Let me first remind you that I was the first woman ever to be elected as Chairman to the City of Kingston Republican Party.

Second: The Republican Party chose a candidate but remember all 3 of the additional candidates running for Mayor are committed, respected and strong Repubicans willing to serve and make a difference for the betterment of their community.

Third: Let the Voters decide in the Primary. As a GOP candidate for Mayor I am clearly representing the voice of the people when they are voting for the candidate of their choice in the Primary Election on September 13, 2011. A Primary Election is democracy in action.