Sunday, January 3, 2010


I am extending a very Happy New Year to my viewers and suggest that everyone realize the importance of what the New Year 2010 will mean to them. Jacobs Live has been on tour over the last week attending many community festivities and hosting my Channel 23 Public Access Happy New Year show. I was privileged to have as my guest this past week, Mr. Edward Gaddy, Chairman of the Conservative Party in Ulster County. Ed is a wealth of knowledge and he does his homework, recognizing the importance of giving back to his community. Ed and Imre Beke also host a weekly radio show, RITE TIME RADIO on WKNY every Friday evening from
6:00 PM-7:00 PM. Tune in for a great show with Imre and Ed.
January 1st, 2010 I attended the Kingston New York Common Council Organizational Meeting hosted at City Hall. The meeting was well attended by many area dignitaries and community members. The room was filled with a flare of new beginnings and Voices of Praise from the Pointe of Praise Church gave an outstanding performance that left you spellbound. It was simply magnificent. The Honorable Judge Ball administered the oath of office and Mr. James Noble, Alderman At Large commented, "that he is optimistic that council members will be able to work with Mayor Sottile to address problems that are in the horizon for 2010".
Moving on to Saturday January 2, 2010 at 11:00 AM, I had the privilege to attend the administering of the Oath of Office to Mr. Donald Williams at the Ulster County Courthouse. Standing room only filled the courthouse and it was a day to remember in the City of Kingston. Many area judges and dignitaries filled the room in celebration of Mr. Donald Williams and his accomplishments. At the end of the ceremony, an invitation was extended to all in attendance to join in a celebration at the Skytop Restaurant. The Skytop Celebration was magnificent and the food and conversation was the perfect ending to an outstanding day.
Wishing all my family, my viewers and my community a very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year 2010.


Anonymous said...

Gaddy was interesting. I dont often agree with him, but I enjoy listening to his comments; I hope you'll have him back- perhaps to talk about the state of Public Access TV in Kingston.

Happy New Year to you and yours. As a Democrat, I can only say I wish more of my fellow Democrats had one tenth of the civic spirit some Republicans like yourself exhibit.

Jacobs Live People for People said...

Thank you to Anonymous 1:38 PM. I take great pride in my public service and wish more citizens realized the importance of becoming involved. I have a Republican Spirit but also respect all political leaders even though we have differences of opinion on issues, we must respect the fact that we are all serving the people. I will continue to represent my community and also wish you a very Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I must agree that the events on New Year's Day at City Hall were very moving. The voices of Pointe of Praise were wonderful and one can only imagine what services are like on Sunday morning. The swearing in of our aldermen was another highlight and should have been witnessed by more residents of the community. Only a few were recognized from the audience. And what is the dress code for officials? OMG.. Someone should tell newly installed Turco-Levin that micro minis are not "cute" and a course in Fashion for the Professional in 2010 should be included in their orientation before taking office. Moving on to County events, this Wednesday is the Organizational Meeting of the Legislature and legislators will be sworn into office. It is rumored that the Legislature will be changing their monthly meetings once again; from the second Wednesday to Tuesday. Why they couldn't leave well enough alone is beyond anyone's comprehension.

Anonymous said...

My My My We see Jean Jacobs everywhere always living up to her community service. She is there because she cares and is involved for the citizens and elected officials in her community. Before you cast stones,recognize her service and ask yourself where are the others that are quick to humiliate and criticize others at these community events.

Anonymous said...

And that is why Jacobs Live..People For People has continued to be the number one show on public access for several weeks running and will leave the kingston chronic--gulls in the dust. "On Tour" fits you perfectly..because one thing is for sure, you are in the know, you never miss a beat and we won't have to depend on you reading the local newspaper to us on your weekly show. You have been in the trenches, meeting and greeting, looking people in the eyes, shaking their hands and reporting on the real news and upcoming events in the community. The news anchor award is yours and justly deserved.