Saturday, February 27, 2010


Little Moments Big Magic
I host my weekly TV show on Channel 23 KAPA, serving 9 municipalities. My goal is to continue to educate the community and give them a voice in the process.

Mrs. Colleen Mountford, President of Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Ulster County Big Brothers Big Sisters of Ulster County Where...Little Moments lead to Big Magic. Open your heart and your home and give Colleen a call. Call today and become involved in a life changing experience you can offer a child: Phone 845-338-0431 Fax: 845-331-2262.
Making a Difference one child at a time.
Everett Hodge Center
"Food For Thought"
After School Program
"Nutritious meals feed nutritious minds"
Monday-Friday 2:30 PM-5:00 PM
For More Information, call 331-9683
Everette Hodge Center
15-21 Franklin Street, Kingston, NY
I am honored and privileged as a member of my community to become involved in a program that has touched my heart and my soul. If you want to witness Magic and the wonder of working together, I suggest you stop by and share a moment of your time. I will be volunteering my time with the children and the wonderful dedicated staff on Friday Nights at the Everette Hodge Center from 5:30 on. Working Together for the betterment of our community.
Take a moment of your time and recognize the importance of the Gift of Life. Just a few weeks ago a young man lost his life in Mid-Town Kingston which will affect this community for a life time. We must come together and work with the children who will become our future leaders. How do you keep the magic alive? Get involved and inspire others and you can have the power of changing the life of a child.
Local Woman Beaten, Robbed and Unconscious
Local Kingston Neighborhood Watch Now being formed by
Mr. Michael D'Arcy and Mrs. Claudia D'Arcy
We need Each Other
No More Victims Take Back Kingston
My neighbor Michael D'Arcy came to my home last Sunday with a flyer regarding a recent incident in our neighborhood. I agree with Michael and building something positive out of an ugly incident will energize the community in creating a city wide neighborhood watch group.
Get People involved and keep them involved.
Mr. Jerry Soldner, President of KURA, Kingston Uptown Resident Alliance and
Mr. Harmony Water, Trustee Executive Board of KURA
The Kingston Uptown Resident's Alliance is a non-partisan association of residents, both owners and renters. Its purpose is to address the issues that negatively impact the quality of life in the uptown Kingston neighborhood. To accomplish its goals, it focuses on the elimination of criminal activities like "In and Out" drug trafficking and graffiti.
Contact information: Mail PO Box 3208, Kingston, NY
Telephone: 888-338-3237
Ladies and Gentlemen I have met many wonderful people during my latest update and many of them include the following: Mrs. Sandra Thompson Hopgood, Mr. Waters, Mr. Anthony Watson, Mrs. Jeane Edwards, students: Josh, Page, and Victoria. Mr. Nicky Werner, Ellen and Joseph DiFalco, Jerry Soldner, Harmony Water, Colleen Mountford, Lenny Walker, Marios Pizza in Port Ewen, DiBellas Pizza in Kingston and all the people that make the world a better place each and every day.
Jean Jacobs
Making A Difference One Day At a Time


Anonymous said...

It is obvious that Richard Cahill is trying to outshine and outdo you, a true community leader. Anytime you post comments regarding your recent guests on your "People For People" public access show and attendance at community events, he posts an event that attempts to diminish your accomplishments. YHe has a long way to go before he can mirror image anything you do, Ms. Jacobs. And finally, we can finally sit back and be informed by someone other than the Cahills reading newspaper articles and Ingoglio. Wow, he is making progress but don't you think he is jumping on the band wagon too little, too late? Reminds me of the rally in front of City Hall he tried to take credit for. It appears he is not a leader, but a follower. He could not even shine your shoes.

Jacobs Live People for People said...

Responnse to Anonymous 10:52
TRUE COMMUNITY LEADER: Thank you for your kind words.

MY CV includes over 30 years on the job experience serving my community on more Committees and Boards than some people could accomplish in a lifetime.
Take Credit absolutely!
Why! Because I continue to be passionate about my community after all these years. This sends a powerful message to the people that live here. A LEADER always has a MISSION THAT MATTERS.
Presently my MISSION THAT MATTERS takes me to the Everett Hodge Center on Friday evenings giving of my time, to the Everett Hodge "Food For Thought After School Program". I am honored to celebrate this program with the CHILDREN. Just open up your heart, have fun, and make a friend for life and become apart of the magic of transforming lives and communities.
Jean C. Jacobs

Chris said...

Nice blog. I wish you well. I have a political blog you might enjoy.

Anonymous said...


Give it a rest, Ellen. Cahill had a guest on his show who is taking his time to form a neighborhood watch group.

Who cares whether Cahill, Jean, or anyone else gets "credit" for it??!!

Quit your whining, Ellen. You are obsessed with Rich Cahill.

Anonymous said...

Who cares who gets credit? This is about safety, not credit. I applaud both Ms. Jacobs and Mr. Cahill for having the people on their shows talking about safety and neighborhood watches.

Why should we care who had them on first?