Saturday, February 13, 2010


In an effort to work together in the City of Kingston, I was energized and motivated when I attended a Ward 5 Neighborhood Meeting at City Hall, hosted by Alderman, Ms. Jennifer Fuentes, on Friday 2/12/10. Ladies and Gentleman I urge all of you to take ownership and recognize the importance of becoming an involved Citizen in Ward 5 and the City of Kingston. The Block by Block initiative pilot project in the City of Albany, is most impressive and deserves serious consideration. "There are times we must put politics aside and work together for the betterment of our fine city". This is a statement that our Mayor made reference to in his State of the City Speech last week.
Together we can restore HOPE and realize how powerful our voice can be in the process.

Block by Block
Block by Block is an initiative designed to enhance the quality of life in neighborhoods. City staff is moving block by block, building by building and lot by lot through the City of Albany to strategically address code compliance, public safety, abandoned buildings and community development. At the same time, the initiative is taking a hard look at the City's business model and information flow to create an updated and more efficient system for communication between City departments.
City of Kingston Ward 5 Neighborhood Meetings
2ND Friday of the month at City Hall at 6:00 PM.


Anonymous said...

Take a good look at the condition of Albany before you praise the program. Albany is gripped by worse crime than Kingston.

Anonymous said...

I have been surfing the blogs and I commend you Jean for your community service to the citizens of the City of Kingston and Ulster County. I have worked with you Jean in the past and I can assure the public that you are someone that can and has made a difference in your community.
Power hungry politicians trying to climb to the top of the ladder but they have know Leadership skills to get to the top and stay there.
When you publicly use children to attain power through attack, you are a loser and will never gain the respect of your constituents.
Jean I support your future endeavors and I strongly recommend you consider running for Mayor in the City of Kingston in 2011. You have my support and I will assist you in your campaign. Please consider my suggestion. LTT

Anonymous said...

Shameful, isn't it...that a wonderful event that was to bring attention to children in our community was turned into a political forum. I stand beside you 8:10 PM and agree that there are people who wish they had an ounce of Jean's leadership skills and has worked as hard as her for the betterment of the City and County.