Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Well I have been out and about working and partnering with my public so I can continue to be a voice for YOU the PEOPLE. Jacobs Live is always keeping her pulse on the media and ready to bring you the story. Starting the new Year I had the privilege to attend the New Years Day swearing in Ceremony of the Kingston Common Council Committee Members. A New Year a New beginning was the message throughout City Hall. I also had the privilege to attend the swearing in Ceremony for Mr. Donald Williams, and Mr. Fred Wadnola. The energy and the motivation in the audience was superior and heartwarming. This is a time for celebration and restoring hope to the people. I have had many extraordinary and distinguished guests on my Show "Jacobs Live People for People" over the last several months who include, Mr. Brian Shapiro Executive Director of the UCSPCA, Mr. Robert Conklin Executive Director of the YMCA, Dr. Ellis Lader, prominent Cardiologist, Mr. Art Richter, (Health Care That Matters Producer). Ms. Su Marcy, V.P. Ulster United Way, Mr. Edward Gaddy, Chairman, Conservative Party of Ulster County, Ms. Laura Petit, Ulster County Legislator, Ms. Jennifer Fuentes, Alderman Ward 5 City of Kingston and Mr. Leonard Walker, Former Alderman Ward 3, City of Kingston and Founder of the Guardian Angels Chapter in the City of Kingston. I also had the privilege to attend Mr. George Phillips Campaign Meet and Greet at the Holiday Inn. He is setting the platform for a very positive campaign as the Republican Candidate for Congress. His message to the audience was strong and filled with HOPE for the future. I also attended the State of the Union Address at City Hall by the Honorable James Sottile. I urge everyone to take ownership and realize the importance of attending these meetings. Your tax dollars are working each and every day and your voice is required in order for us to focus and move forward. We must put politics aside and work for the betterment of our community. I also attended the Kingston City School District Round Table at the George Washington School on 2/8/10. I commend the KCSD Administration and the Board of Education for realizing the importance of including the public and giving them a voice in the process. The highlight of my attendance at meetings recently was the Ulster County Public Health Monthly meeting on 2/8/10. Ladies and Gentleman having been a professional in the Medical Health Care Industry for many years, I announce to you, Ulster County is most fortunate to have hired Ulster County Public Health Director Dr. LeMar Hasbrouck. His presentation and Mission and Vision for the future was filled with a passion for success and a persistence to Make A Difference for the residents of Ulster County. Continuing Education and the willingness to partner with the Medical Health Community will be the key to attaining his goals. Everyone should welcome him and his family to Ulster County. We must all take a positive approach by preserving our heritage and working together to improve our community. LEAD BY EXAMPLE Please contact me with your comments, ideas, and suggestions for the future.

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