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I am absolutely astonished regarding "City Summit Aims to Curb Youth Crime", article in the Kingston Daily Freeman on June 13, 2011. I would like to remind everyone that I attended the Safety Summit presented by city governmental officials on March 25, 2010 in the wake of the loss of a community youth in Mid Town and an attack on a local woman in up town Kingston. I urge the Common Council and the Mayor of the City of Kingston that Safety is a priority and the citizens rely on governmental officials to insure SAFETY FIRST. Mr. Hayes Clement states in the article", He has  broached some of the issues that Mayoral Candidate Gallo has brought up". When???? I totally disagree because this was a serious issue that involved the entire community and the youth a year ago. Our elected Govermental Officials  had the opportunity at this time to create a TASK FORCE ACTION PLAN FOR THE FUTURE after the SAFETY SUMMIT was hosted at City Hall on  March 25, 2010.

As a GOP candidate for Mayor show me the progress we have made as it relates to CRIME IN CITY NEIGHBORHOODS? Kingston Daily Freeman quoted in the July 13, 2011 edition " We are living in a constant state of fear and high alert trying to keep our children and property safe." I agree with Mayoral Candidate Shayne Gallo," A task Force would address public safety issues comprised of local agencies", exactly what I addressed in my speech a YEAR AGO. READ MY SPEECH BELOW. I attended the summit prepared to speak but the public did not have the opportunity to speak, which was concerning to me. The forum consisted of many community leaders, clergy and law enforcement officials speaking on SAFETY. I worked for years in the Kingston City School District creating and implementing the Comprehensive School Safety Plans as a result of the Project Save Legislation implemented by Governor George Pataki and his Task Force, lead by Lieutenant Governor, Mary Donahue, which became New York State Law in July 2001 for all schools.
March 25th, 2010
From: Jean C. Jacobs

Good Evening: Mr. President, Community Leaders, Members of the Common Council and Community members in attendance this evening: I stand here before you this evening first and foremost to thank Alderman Thomas Hoffay for creating this public safety forum so we as a community can better identify the safety concerns and arrive at solutions together. As a life long resident born and raised here and my children I take great pride in my public servant participation and speaking before you this evening:

My Theme
“Collaboration is Key”

Tonight we are here to gain the views and potential solutions and to strengthen relationships to ensure a productive approach to Safety in our Community.This evening will provide an opportunity to develop and share understanding of the issues surrounding City safety with a clear exchange of views in providing an Action Plan for the future.

Some considerations include the fact that the cycle of violence affects us all and that cycle is one that needs to be confronted with change and positivity. We must seek to provide every individual the optimal experience free from violence inflicted upon them. I am stressing the need for law enforcement officials, city officials, community groups and organizations, school officials and parents to work and partner with children and youth in our community to exchange ideas and how to best prevent violence, and improve safety within our community. By sharing this information here this evening we can SAVE LIVES.

The time for being upset is behind us and its best to go forward together. Community Involvement is central to the prevention, intervention and suppression programs that our city employs. Tonight is a unique opportunity for residents to think broadly about strategies for addressing some of the most serious issues that face our neighborhoods. If you want to keep your neighborhoods safe, take this advise and never ever give up. Crime will never go away completely but we can intervene, we can prevent it, and we can reduce it.

I suggest as we move forward together that in the future we break up in action groups designed to maximize partnerships to address public safety concerns.

Thank you for your time.
Jean Jacobs

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