Wednesday, December 17, 2008

"Liar Liar Pants on Fire"

When I was a little girl my parents used this phrase ( "Liar Liar Pants on Fire") when defining the importance of telling the truth, they use to say, "Jean the truth will set you free." Until this very day I can assure my viewing audience that I am a woman of integrity and truth, despite many who want to believe the deceptive rumors that fit their agenda. I respectfully remain the City of Kingston Republican Chairman. This has been confirmed by my superiors in Ulster County Government. Until such time my title changes, I will keep all of you updated and informed with the outcome.
I had the opportunity to attend the Common Council meeting last evening at City Hall. There was a considerable amount of community members in attendance. This sends such a powerful message to our local leaders when the citizens come and hold our local leaders accountable. The decision to override the Mayors veto of the budget was a unanimous vote by the entire council. I congratulate their effort last evening as they were working on behalf of the struggling times our city, state and nation are facing and the citizens of Kingston was their main focus. Many council members spoke on behalf of YOU the taxpayer, referencing the fact that we can no longer expect the citizens of Kingston to absorb these increasing taxes. Unity is what I witnessed last evening.
To all my Bloggers who have called me a LIAR, please look at the Rules and Regulations that govern my position as the City of Kingston Republican Chairman. Many of you "WanaBees" are behaving like children and need a lesson in telling the truth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Where was Rich--MIA!
For someone with such a big mouth, you would have expected him to show up for the veto override meeting last night. Guess he couldn't face having to look Chair Jacobs in the eye and had to get his information second hand to make it appear that he was at the meeting. Who is he kidding?

Missy Elliot said...

Ms. Jacobs,

Do you think Rich Cahill is a 'wanna be'?

Also, Do you find Richard Cahill Sr
an attractive man?

A single mom who misses your show

Anonymous said...

Lady Chair..Please note that Cahill on Kingston has posted a comment that gives the impression Cahill is in charge of recruiting candidates for this coming election. That's all well and good but don't they have to walk through your court first? I think Cahill woke from a dream that he was King and realized too late that you were still the one everyone has to go to. If only he would learn to be a team player, he would be an asset. But we know better, don't we?

Anonymous said...

This was left on Cahill on Kingston to post...

"Jean Jacobs will not be our chosen candidate for Ward 5. We have two candidates who have already come forward to run.

We also have another candidate seeking the nod in Ward 2."

It sounds like you woke up from your dream and thought you were "king For the Day" and you assembled your own Court Jesters.

The truth is...Your chosen candidates will have to walk through Chair Jacobs' Court not yours, as you are barely a committeeman holding on by the skin of your teeth...
If you were a true team player, we could all work together for the betterment of our City. Once again, obviously you have your own agenda and will do anything to make it appear that you are the hero.