Tuesday, December 16, 2008

"Update On DUMP the Politician"

Good Afternoon To my Viewing Audience:
I have had concerns and have become overwhelmed with a curiosity regarding who in this professional society of "Corporate America" would use the word to DUMP someone. I have added a definition from the dictionary

dump on : to treat disrespectfully ; especially : belittle , bad-mouth

Now I ask you this question? Would you use this word in your professional career as a lawyer, doctor, teacher, clergy, mayor, mother, father? In a time when we are trying to teach our children character education, respect, and integrity, would we turn around and define the removal of someone as a DUMP.
Let the viewing audience be the judge?????? The definition of this word is aligned with disrespect, to belittle someone, and bad mouth, is everything we should refrain from when teaching our children how to treat their fellow-man. As politicians we have an obligation to encourage, promote and motivate citizens to become active in their local form of government. They look up to their local politicians to be role models who serve as their advocates when they need help and assistance with issues facing them as taxpayers and citizens. As leaders we have an obligation to provide a positive platform of accomplishment, so they do not loose faith in our leadership.
I respectfully remain: City of Kingston Republican Chairman, Jean C. Jacobs
Your comments Please:


Anonymous said...

Well...I am SURE His Irish Hiney would take great umbrage at the definition related to two words, those being "dump on"--which I would think, has a worse connotation than
merely "dump". "Dump", I would think, merely means to throw overboard, or to put it in another common context, to reject(as in "Mary dumped John after which John became Mary's former boyfriend.").
Notwithstanding the above, the air of self-importance of the man to which you refer surely is overwhelming and tends to overshadow the overall veracity of what he says, which excludes a great deal of things commonly just as long as his precious image is protected in so doing. His methods in presenting himself as the presenter and arbiter of all truth are transparent to me and equally repulsive.

Anonymous said...

If you had any hope your committeemen are true blue, they certainly are not. Some betrayed the party, pole vaulted to the Hein campaign and participated in the enemy's fundraisers. That is an act of treason and there should be penalties for making such hugh donations to the other side. Disloyalty charges come to mind. Perhaps in your capacity as City Chair you could find out who these fence jumpers are. This is not how you rebuild and reform the City Republican Committee.

Anonymous said...

Jean...no matter what, your honesty outclasses them all...fight the good ol boys and hang in there!!!

Anonymous said...

You are NOT the City Chair, Jean. You were voted out by a unanimous vote of the committee.

To continue to refer to yourself as City Chair is a lie.

Anonymous said...

Hunt these pole vaulters down and send a message that Saugerties turncoats are next. Mr. Chair Catalano will be busy mending the fences they crashed through to support the other side.

Anonymous said...

To 11:14 PM--For you to keep repeating over and over that Jean is not the Chair is ludicrous. There was no unanimous vote of the committee and for that matter, there was no meeting. if you paid any attention to how procedure is followed with ousting the Illinois Governor, you would realize you are clueless. Whatever you think was done to remove Chair Jacobs was wrong and that's a fact. Cahill posted on another blog that he has a copy of Robert's Rules of Order--Well, perhaps he should have someone interpret it for him.

Jacobs Live People for People said...

Are we missing the point here? Are you listening in the viewing audience? When you identify with a LIE are you really using your intellegence when it relates to the facts? This is not a game here. We are the Leaders that our community looks up to. They are deserving of so much more. They deserve the leadership that is going to restore their confidence and hope in our government officials. To say that Ms. Jacobs was voted out by a unanimous vote of the Republican Committee is a complete fabrication of the truth and you no it blogger 11:14!!!!!