Wednesday, July 20, 2011


My stand as a Mayoral candidate focuses on the NEED and not the OPPOSITION regarding Kings Inn. I don't like the word oppose I rather work in the best interest of the Community and realize the importance of improving the Broadway Corridor together. There is a considerable amount of emphasis on Broadway and Midtown. As a candidate for Mayor in the City of Kingston my Vision and Platform is unique. I look at the City as a whole and for the betterment of the entire city and all of the residents. I don't see this as the easy way out by considering housing in the Kings Inn Location. There was housing condos refurbished on the Corner of Clinton and Franklin:  Have they been purchased and occupied? These are the questions we should be asking as candidates for Mayor. Remember all of this consists of taxpayer dollars.

I realize that we are living in a poverty city and people can no longer afford their homes, taxes or utilities. We are forcing the housing issue to be a focus because people would be on the streets homeless. The average salary is between 28,000 and 32,000. Our taxes are almost 75% higher than any other State in the nation. Ask yourself this question? How many residents currently live in Kingston? How many lived in Kingston 10 years ago. The figures will astound you. When I served on the school board there were over 12,000 students and now there are about 7,000 or less? These are important facts that go into decisions that affect the future of our city. Also 50% or more of the children in the Kingston City School District were on free and reduced lunch when I served on the school board. Look at the NEED and then realize that we must focus on the entire City. Many families in uptown and downtown have felt the crunch of the economy and many have lost their substantial paying jobs. This is a reality.

Several years ago the issue on the table was the possibility of a condo high rise complex in up-town Kingston. Why the opposition? What do we have today? We have a run down parking lot costing the taxpayers money each and every day. What could have been is the question?? We must stop singling out Uptown, Midtown and Downtown and focus on the City as a whole. Ask yourself this question: The Kirkland Hotel and the millions to refurbish this fine historical building. Tell me are we generating revenue today to offset the cost of the project? Who is picking up the Shortfall. The Taxpayer

Lets play a game: I don't want the high rise condo complex that just might have increased the tax base, offered jobs and boosted the economy in the entire City of Kingston. Now we are discussing the possibility of low income housing in Midtown because people do not have the income to sustain a higher standard of living. My heart goes out to this population of people and our nation on a daily basis but is this the answer to an already declining area of Kingston faced with violence, poverty, absentee landlords and the homeless? We are losing the Middle Class families. In the future the Middle Class population will be extinct and everyone will need affordable housing. Many of the families that may need low income affordable housing may have been the Blue Collar Worker trying to provide for his/her family and he/she have been faced with the economic job loss and can no longer afford his/her lifestyle, their home, their car, or even food on their table.This population of people is increasing as I write this comment.

Jean Jacobs
GOP Candidate for Mayor
City of Kingston

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