Friday, July 29, 2011

Mayoral Candidate Jean Jacobs, Code Enforcement Plan

To facilitate Neighborhood Stabilization
Foster Clean and Safe rental properties without diminishing the affordability or availability
Enhance partnerships and communication with property owners and tenants
Enhance Multi Tenant Registration Application Updates

I would take a different approach than my opponent Ms. Turco-Levin to Code Enforcement in the City of Kingston. Ms. Turco Levin has served as a govermental official for close to two years and had every opportunity to offer a plan for Code Enforcement in the City of Kingston. I would LEAD with a agressive positive approach when partnering with the owner or operator of a multi tenant properties. The City of Kingston currently lacks manpower to accomplish many of the day to day operations regarding Standards of Compliance in Code Enforcement. If elected Mayor in the City of Kingston, I would aggressively address the issue from an educational and informative approach with guidelines and consequences. I would never use the term "Deadbeat" Landlords". You are beginning the process on a negative platform for improvement. I would create a Multi Tenant Inspection Program Brochure defining the role and responsibility of the owner or operator of the multi tenant property and I would organize and facilitate annually a mandatory meeting with the landlords. The audience would consist of the following in attendance, City Manager, Property Managers, Landlords, Police Department, Fire Department, City Attorney and the Water Department. I am a Leader that demands accountability and currently the Block By Block has been affective and efficient but there is a FLIP side we are missing.

I am a fiscal financial management professional and if elected Mayor it is my job to present recommendations and solutions of how we can be more cost effective and at the same time hold property managers and landlords accountable while preserving the quality of life for each and every citizen. We can create our individual report card for Code Enforcement for Landlords, Property Owners and Property Managers. We must be creative with high depth ingenuity due to the lack of financial resources and manpower. Currently we are going Block by Block and I firmly believe in holding them accountable and recommend through my PLAN they (landlords, property owners) come to us the City Officials. When you create mandatory parameters they will soon begin to realize their are guidelines to follow without exception. I commend our current Mayor for his efforts and the Police Department and Fire Department and I would work together with all City Officials in creating a plan that will benefit the citizens, the landlords, and more importantly the tenants at a price we can afford.

Jean C. Jacobs
GOP Candidate for Mayor
City of Kingston

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gerald said...

I like the way you stated your plan. I like the notion of putting the rules out there. I disagree, however that the city lacks manpower: the city needs to change the deployment of the people to those areas in need of attention, then go back into maintenance mode and have the manpower/womanpower move to another problem area... I use womanpower deliberately: in non confrontational, with a steady hand and good follow up... no guarantee, but more likely with a woman.